Happiness, philosophy, Needs and desires –

They say – “Happiness is a state of mind”. I wonder how far this is true. It is whether we choose to be happy even if we are not. There are a dozen mails and forwards that teach/preach big about happiness and stuff like that. But I don’t find any of them realistic. At times am amused at the games time plays with people! What is right at one time seems wrong at some other time. Is it because we fail to choose between what we actually need and what we actually desire for? Is that why mind does not feel happy when it wants to? The indecisive mind doesn’t allow the line of demarcation to be drawn whatsoever. Sometimes, there is a sudden urge to do a lot of things and finally end up doing nothing because there are a dozen reasons/excuses/tantrums as to why it cannot/could not be done!
‘Does everything need to be a bed of roses to progress/enjoy in life? After all Life is a road of thorns with roses on either side’ Isn’t it what is said about life?

They say – The roses are to remind that there is a way to find the path to happiness but the path ain’t that easy always. The only thing that matters is whether taking the path to reach happiness is worth it or not!

What we need is always what we treat as our necessity. What we desire is the comfort that comes as an additional package after the need is satisfied. Is that why it is said – One must learn to live under all circumstances? Putting it bluntly, One must never forget from where one has started from?
Well, I guess it is – Yes….. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happiness, philosophy, Needs and desires –

  1. Happiness is a state of the mind and joy is a state of the heart.

    You can share your happiness with most people, but joy can be shared with the one who brings it to you.

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