Teenage: is it dictating?

Probably the golden years of every life start and end at a time when the words ‘maturity’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘awareness’ sink in the transition phase – the coming of teenage. Quite a trying time, must say. An age, when the world refuses to see you as a kid and acknowledge you as an adult. Denial of adulthood during this changeover, can be a royal pain in the neck. After all, teenage is a strange phase of life, better defined as a plethora of opposites: colourful yet embittered, lively yet tensed, passionate yet aggressive and intelligent yet emotional. That is the age when a lot of human facets are put to test. And if the teen understands that it is a test, he emerges as a successful individual. And if he fails, he comes across as an embittered one with a lot of disgruntlement and discontented expectations. Well, the test was never that easy. Teenage often tests an individual’s attitude, his opinions and viewpoints on friendship and relationships, his performance in academics, sports and other extra curricular activities and his attitude towards the society and his level of adjustment in the environment he lives in. Each of this decides what kind of an adult would emerge out of this teen. Quite a test, I believe, probably more difficult than those competitive exams where the questions are known to an extent and some basic knowledge helps in gearing up the marks. However, the personality test is what throws some unexpected curve balls at him in the least opportune moments of life, trying to make him understand the gray shades of life. After all, every human lives his life, not in white and black, but with some shades of gray (and some blues too, perhaps?). But will the teen ever understand, the joys of his life are circumvented by the result of the test life puts him to, only to bring out the best in him? However that matters if he only he understands the nuances of life…..


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