Living the divine moments of life! ~ Joys of Motherhood

There is a time in every woman’s life, when she deserves to be absolutely happy, stress free and very much deserves to be loved. A phase when she feels she is special and nothing beats that feel good factor when she can actually feel the small fluttery movements, a few kicks and some popping sounds which make the phase all the more alluring and real. A journey embarked in this phase could probably be termed as the most beautiful phase when the love increases manifold. The emotional strains, the hormonal surges, the crazy dreams, the weird cravings and the uncontrollable physical changes, makes one wonder/ponder/gape in awe at the intricacies of how a life comes into existence and what convoluted changes it brings to the female’s personality on the whole! The whole experience is so endearing that it cannot be compared with anything in this world. There is only one word for it – Priceless! Having entered it and now nearing the final trimester of this phase, I feel blessed, I feel happy and I love my family all the more, specially my husband, who although is serving somewhere far away in North, enjoys the moments of togetherness (if not physically), but mentally! God bless my lil one with all happiness on earth…!! Amen….


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