Innocence personified : Sahana Tales…..

Sahana tales, as my 2 year old niece tells…..
‘no tension, take care!’

I do not have vivid memories of holding any baby or playing with toddlers. I do love to play with children about 4-5 years old, a time when they are naughty, moody and adorable, all at the same time! And I usually never approach kids, or hold them or pamper them, not that I don’t like to, but I like to see them free and most of all, I love to observe their actions closely, which is only possible when their actions and attention are undisturbed 

And then there are some toddlers who make you feel young as they are and all you want to do then is rewind time and become a toddler again in the real sense! My 2 year old niece Sahana makes me feel that way! Every action of her speaks volumes of innocence which includes every word she speaks, every expression emoted by her that many a times confuses people around her, her instant and sudden change of moods, her constant demand for undivided attention from her adorable mom, her constant tantrums at tummy time and her countless tactics that brings a smile on one’s face instantly! My niece is absolutely a 101% innocence personified! This time when she had come to my home, I was just overwhelmed by whatever she did! Being a would-be-mother myself, I could see and sense the sweetness of all her actions that just attracted everyone around her, towards her! The way she walks, talks, recites rhymes, identifies colors, flowers, trees around, and trying to strike a friendship with every animal on road and talking to everyone in that sweet soothing mazhalai tamil, was so so alluring that one could just sit and spend all time just looking at her! Such are the mysteriously divine ways of God and such feelings cannot be expressed in words, they are just meant to be felt profoundly…..

Her stint in Bharuch was for 2 days, and I have no idea how time flew! I felt, I became a toddler again by playing with her and at the same time teaching her a little mischief too (of course! Harmless ones!). Also perhaps as Sahana doesn’t see me as her chitti (maternal aunt), but relates to me more like a sibling! Of course, I like bugging her time and again by playing peek-a-boo with her and trying to act as if I am going to take away her coveted DVD playing cartoons! Well, I did that once for once and for the next 2 days she was hovering over her DVD bag taking it along with her everywhere she went. The other day while I was drinking water, she went inside the kitchen and demanded my mom give her a similar big glass to drink water, like the one I was holding then! Aah! I couldn’t help giggling to myself and nothing beats that pleasure when the kid voluntarily starts playing around with you with a new competitive spirit! Intermittently while I was hooked on to facebook or blogs for some time, she used to come around, look at me, knit her brows and give me that angry look and go away! It took me a while to figure out; she wanted me to play with her! My sister told me then, ‘you can conveniently forget about a virtual friend called computer, a diversion called keyboard, a friend called book and about people around you, once a kid comes into your life! It will never consent to a divided attention!’ and I could see that for real!

Somehow the whole experience I was going through and at the same time was looking at, was so endearing, that I could keep feeling it even after my sister and niece went back to Mumbai! After their short hiatus in Bharuch, I could feel deafness ringing in every crevice of my home. And all of a sudden I would just get a feeling out of nowhere that Sahana is just going to pop out from behind the curtain in an attempt to scare me (which she thought she could :P)! I am definitely missing her! Sometimes, I feel I wish I could book my tickets for Mumbai right away, just to go and play with her! And the very fact that I am enjoying motherhood more than ever could be attributed to playing with my adorable niece! Children fill up your home with untold happiness that is a priceless gift which you get in life only when God wills it!

Bringing a life into existence, getting to know that life closely, adjusting with its lifestyle by switching to uncomfortable sleeping patterns and having limited choice to eat when it comes to food, and the whole experience right from bringing the baby into the world till it starts going to school is a new yet enjoyable, exhausting yet adorable and crazy yet a funny experience for parents, that will be cherished for a lifetime! It is this experience that puts a parent’s patience, perseverance, adjustment skills, self control and every tough aspect of human behavior to test. Just can’t wait now to see myself getting into the forthcoming phase! God bless…!!


One thought on “Innocence personified : Sahana Tales…..

  1. Yep kids bring a lot of happiness and joy around.Also you learn a lot from them about things you never imagined. They are really creative in some things where we cant even put our brains on. At the same time they are sweet and innocent. My love to Sahana. Well written!

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