For a relation sans boundaries, anything for it! ~ Mind-full musings

P.S : This post is dedicated to all my friends, especially my girl friends who are special to me and close to heart for all times to come!

Sometimes, I have this annoying habit of leaving things half way and often forget to complete/conclude/finish what I started, be it a blog or an attempt to write a story or be it anything that tags with the world of household chores (like cooking!) (Conditions apply: This is how I am when I am NOT at office, where the self adorns a different being!). For years, I have been one naive follower of the phrase, Jack of all and a master of none of which the later turned out quite true for me, but the former part still hangs like a dagger above my head, constantly urging me to prove it right! And so I call a truce with self: I am Jack of some, for now at least! So, before I confuse you further with my endless ‘mind-full ramblings’, let me come to the crux of my rants! As I was scouring through the contents of my hard disk, I was greeted by half a dozen incomplete articles that I had written long back and left them half way, some of which included attempts at story writing and some personal viewpoints too (of which I have no idea what got me to write them in the first place). Now as I read them, I feel incredibly stupid of not having completed what I started…..

And then there was this article on friendship, which I had written ages ago for reasons now conveniently forgotten, but nevertheless, I feel good as I get the urge to complete it in a sane frame of mind. May be, this is how I get reminded each time of my laziness, absent mindedness and laid back attitude, which irks my parents and my husband all the time. But at least, I have started taking those baby steps to finish what I started. And here I am, dedicating this post to all my friends, who have embarked on a journey called life, with me right from school, through college and then at work, until now and for all times to come!

As I utter the word, ‘friend’ I can feel a warm splurge of happiness rushing down my veins, calming down my nerves and making me feel special. Yes, that is how friendship makes you feel! A sole relation that is not demarcated by religion or caste or creed or possession, it just happens and secures you in its castle of love, support and encouragement. It is a castle sans doors, boundaries and fences! However, this castle is made of a delicate sheet of glass! So, ’A friendship once broken cannot be mended in a lifetime’. And needless to say, every relationship starts on this note called friendship!

When I turn back to delve into my past, I am pulled inside a nostalgia of memorable moments, moments with my friends right from school till college till workplace. But then, I am reminded more of their presence in times not-so-good, when I got unshakable support from these very friends who helped me overcome every obstacle which always turned out bigger than the one crossed before! These are the very friends who although far away by miles and time, are yet closest to the heart!

As I write this post today, I feel deeply indebted to all my girlfriends especially, who have been through all thick and thin with me; friends who have fought with me and with whom I have fought only to get entwined into bear hugs sooner, as we ended up laughing our guts out by almost shedding tears of happiness, amusing ourselves at the stupidity of it all; with whom I have shared the best laughs and the worst fights; the ones who have given a shoulder to lean on and wiped my tears in times of distress only to soothe me with those magic words ‘Everything is just gonna be fine, sweetheart!’; with whom I have shopped like crazy only to revel in the untold happiness at the end of every month that was(as always)followed by frowns getting reflected from face to face at the beginning of the subsequent month when our salary accounts reflected a dwindling bank balance; with whom I have had the craziest night outs and with whom my cooking skills were only improvised for better from time to time!

And today, I miss all of them a lot! Yes, I miss them by heart, by mind and by soul!After all, friends are those who criticize you on your face and praise you behind your back! And am happy, rather am blessed to have such people as friends in this life time! Cheers to all and God bless…!!


2 thoughts on “For a relation sans boundaries, anything for it! ~ Mind-full musings

  1. Ahhhh ! 🙂 How can I ever forget those late night ice creams and those hours and hours of shopping at Laxmi Road.. Miss you girl. Loads of hugs….

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