Mind in trance ~ Mind Bubble

It feels confusing when the mind bubble is getting bigger and bigger with time but stubbornly failing to rupture! Perhaps, it is good in a way, as the string of the running incoherent thoughts is at the moment, making no sense to the self and the self is least interested in raking the brain for bursting this unavoidable mind bubble! Yet, the curious mind, the inquisitive facet of the human make does not sit idle! It tries to draw relevance, theories, assumptions, ideas and what not, from the irrepressible mind bubble which is a sphere of myriad musings that are taking shapes, changing shapes and still giving more space for more mind bubbles from within!

The mind feels heavy now, the heart is bemused and the self feels blank, as if stuck in a whirlpool of nothingness! The feeling of being alive is being shadowed by a feeling of ennui for a reason not known and time seems to be slowing down its pace, making the transition more evident. The dissonance around, now seems to be heard from a far away place or is the resonance disappearing into an oblivion? Everything that is being perceived by the eyes, is getting blurred slowly. The clarity is perturbed. The senses are weakening. The eyelids fail to open completely. The mouth has gone totally dry with the tongue rolled in. The lips, though yearning for the sweet wetness of water, remain a parched patch of a land in an oasis! The stupor continues, with the self slowly losing a sense of time…


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