Reaction, an aspect of human behavior ~ Human Psychology

When I was working with a firm as a content writer about a few months back, there were many relationship centric topics to write about. I conveniently avoided them then, as I could never bring myself to write on relationship issues, considering how complicated they are for people and how easy it always is to advise someone and how annoying it can get for the person to take a relationship advice specially from a person who has not had their kind of troubles. So I used to conveniently delegate them to one of my dear friends who had quite an inclination towards the topic itself. Meanwhile, I used to settle down with something remotely connected with relationships and that’s psychology. I enjoy writing on this subject and would enjoy writing more on the same. So what is churning out the psychology section from my cerebral matter today? Let’s just say, I am in the mood, nothing more, nothing less!

Many times, when events do not go as planned like, say, you missed a bus to your office by 20 seconds, or you just forgot to bring your travel tickets and you are on your way to the airport, or your kid just spilled hot coffee over your shirt one fine morning, when you are just heading for an important business meeting! Well, there are n instances that could leave you absolutely demotivated and remorseful, with the sequence of events just going wrong, right from day break! Such incidents almost convince you that the stars are waging a war against you with Lord Murphy making rounds around you! There could be many such events that keep happening every now and then, just waiting to give you unexpectedly rude shocks!

So how do you react to such situations, situations over which you have little control or have none? A lot of emotions cocktail at the pit of your stomach only to splurge out and get directed at wrong targets around. Anger, remorse, irritation, sadness and disbelief are just some that aggravate the diffusion further by confusing the mind. The plethora of negative emotions tempts the self to react, under its spell of lunacy. It all starts and ends with the aggressive thinking mode. It is just the beginning and it leads to regretful actions later.

So what are your possible reactions to such situations? There can be three kinds of reactions a man is capable of emoting:

First, is the dog’s reaction: The self is baffled. The disbelief now slowly shapes into anger. Since the self is absolutely incapable of undoing what has happened or redoing the sequence again (as time never gives a second chance, though life still gives!), he finds every reason, every excuse in the world to link everything in the surrounding to the debacle. Therefore, he barks at everyone around. Now that is a dog’s reaction!

Second is: Being upbeat about the situation. Here, the self tends to rake the brain on what actually went wrong and what could go wrong further. Here, the self remains silent, observes the situation, assesses it, and decides on what has to be done to repair or change the situation for better. Well, this kind of a reaction is a proactive approach towards a problem.

The third reaction is: Pretending as if nothing has happened. The self here succumbs to fear of failing and pretends as if nothing actually happened, even though it did. The self consoles itself and continues its journey with an uncertain approach towards life, or rather a gutless approach towards life.

Now, not everyone falls in a certain category, but fall across all of them, depending on time, circumstance and the events governing the situation. Or let’s say, environment also plays a pivotal role in bringing out a man’s reaction to certain situations. In the above stated reactions, the best is definitely the proactive approach, as it helps you to take a decision and move ahead, although this may not happen all the time. Of course, a man is never sane all the time, is he? But yes, before reacting to any given situation, it is important for him to assess it. Estimation of a situation at the earliest helps man with the proactive approach, else the emotional quotient soars high enough to bring out the dog in him.

Most experiences in life guide you to adopt a proactive approach in life as it saves you a lot of emotional strain in future. However, the choice lies with the self. Controlling emotions has never been easy for anyone. But the one who learns to control his emotions, might as well learn to laugh at his mistakes and move on, of course with valuable lessons learnt!

P.S: This post is not intended at advising people on how they should react. Whatever has been stated here are my personal viewpoints.


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