Being discreet in speech and action, why is it important? ~ A perspective of life

How many times, have instances as such happened where you get entangled in a totally useless conversation that is leading nowhere, or you are probably sharing too much information with a close one or you just end up blurting something and then regret of having stretched your tongue too long?

And most of this happens, when you try to converse with people a tad too much (although your listeners may include friends, relations, acquaintances, and a few with whom you do not have much to talk about and yet are forced to) under circumstances which, both end up discussing nonsensical topics that can be labeled better as gossip! And gossip gives rise to more gossip and more and more…..In time, you might just turn into a loony bin full of information, least relevant to you and at the same time most bothersome too! Discretion! A word with myriad connotations albeit, it surely draws a line that differentiates your ‘intelligence quotient’ and ’emotional quotient’. So is that why, being discreet in speech and action important?

You meet a lot of people on a daily basis both in person and in virtual world! You make friends and acquaintances. They include all kinds, some who strike a lasting impression on you since the very first conversation, some who you believe would make good friends for a lifetime, some who appear to be good but slowly disappear from your list of favorites (over and out!), and some with whom you are unable to strike a chord with, even after a few conversations. But where and when does discretion come into picture in all the above instances? Well, before getting to that point, let’s understand human nature better. Not without a reason, the saying goes – Man is a social animal and he loves company. He values it the most when he doesn’t have one or the right one to be precise! And needless to say, he is an attention seeker! He loves to socialize, make friends and search for the right company until he is convinced for right reasons that the company can go forever! Besides relationships, even on a professional front, a man seeks encouragement and appreciation. He tries every way (right or not!) to garner attention from the environment around. Well, that’s how a human has been designed, isn’t it? When even five sensed animals carry the same tendency to be acknowledged for their existence, then it is not at all wrong if a human loves attention! However, what is not right about it are those incidental instances where man is unable to control his impulses to react, and the words splurge out of his mouth with mind having little control over his speech neurons, with the heart wanting that instance to happen right away and then there the ‘discretion’ is ignored. These are the times when a man ain’t sure how to (re)act…..

So coming to our question – why being discreet in speech and actions is very important? A wise man once told me, ‘Human nature is complicated. The less you talk, the more you hear, and the more you hear, you become not subdued but mature enough to take in information what is important and discard what is not! When you master this quality, your thoughts will be rational, words will be gems of wisdom and actions eternally convincing to self and the world’.

However, discretion does not come to everyone naturally. It is a quality habit that comes with experience alone. After all it is all about knowing when to stop conversing, when to distance oneself in a relationship, when to hold tongue tight and let mind take over heart to contemplate rationally, when to give the right reply pertaining to the right moment and the right place. Honing this quality is not easy unless you have an innate maturity to understand nuances of the world around you. Be it a workplace, social networking, relationships and marriage or a much expected outing with friends or even catching up with an old friend after a long time, discretion is imperative! Many a time, being discreet may earn you a tag of being asocial or perhaps rude or even ‘rigid’, but it might just save you a lot of unwanted attention which you never might have wanted in the first place!

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