When insanity plagues….. ~ Mind Bubble

…..there is nothing in this world that can cure self of those unseen and unknown fears, those terrible pangs of fretfulness; those good and snug moments gone by which now happen to be like an occasional drizzle in a barren desert of loneliness; those days filled with laughter and happiness sans worries; those nights filled with a love beyond intimacy; those stone silent, ice cold starry nights filled with dreams of a future in oblivion just waiting to be fulfilled; when even strolling around in those eerie roads post midnight seemed like a leisure walk in a park, where no words were spoken and yet the hearts communicated; those cozy morning walks that ended perfect, with a nice strong tea and bread omelette and those tiffs that happened often and yet, not so often but ended eventually in forgetfulness, with a bear hug, an embrace filled with love, tears and gratification, so much that the self wouldn’t just let go…..

…..and now the self reminisces those moments, begs destiny to open again those cherished chapters of its life, now to be filled with a certainty, a certainty that the self has waited for long, a certainty that the self feels it deserves, a certainty that the self is looking forward to, a certainty that would last forever…..a certainty that would open the doors of a world of completeness and love that solely belongs to self, something that the self has paid for and is waiting for the dues…..A time as trying as this is something that the self waits for to end…..to end on a good note soon…..so that it can leave behind the incompleteness of the present to enter the world of completeness in future, which would mark the lush green pastures of a life much awaited for, so that the the self can enjoy those coveted moments again, in harmony, with certainty…..However, uncertainties in life are certain…..but then the self is an incurable optimist and so waits, waits patiently for the new chapter to begin soon, and with a lot of hope and optimism…..

‘While you are near, each day passes in a minute; while you are away, every minute seems like a day…..if karma were a crazy bitch, time sure is crazier!’.

So long, when insanity plagues…..


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