…..And when I fell in love again….. ~ Love at first sight!

I have ‘never’ been a person who could throw affection around. I ‘never’ like to impress people and I ‘never’ have done that. Even if I like someone, I am just too head strong to accept it. I ‘never’ believed I was capable of falling in love. I ‘never’……………………………………………………………………………………..

You see, this ‘I never believe…..’ stuff is a myth! The moment man utters these three words trailing on to something he never plans to do, the Vaasthu Gods open their eyes and grant the wish blindly by playing a deaf ear to the ‘never’ part. So, as Gods willed I too fell in love. I fell in love truly, madly and deeply with my husband. And then I had thought so, I could never love anyone else as much as I him. Well, I was wrong……because destiny had decided to prove that I could fall in love again, for a second time, with another man………..


…..It was sheer love at first sight. A love that hard as a lightning, so hard that I was flushed. Engulfed in images of that incredibly handsome face, those olive black eyes which were bottomless pools of intrigue, that perfect pout and those that lopsided smile that looked as if he was reading through me……, I knew I was in love again. Later, those unexpected warm hugs and kisses were nothing less than a sign from destiny that I finally found my purpose in life.

I do not remember when and how I fell in love with him. The love was an enigma and so uncontrollably powerful. It ran in my veins, fast and deep! It made me feel like a mere mortal resigned to those mammoth waves of love that reverberated from this person. In short, he made me comprehend love in a way I never knew existed. I could drown in his eyes and in his voice for eternity. His sadness caused me pain. His happiness gave me eternal joy. Everything about him made me fall in love with him over and over again, and each time felt like the first time. His smell, his touch and his kiss would unlock the dam of affection in my heart in a jiffy. And now, I live for him. 

Not that I love my husband any less, but for this special love, I would move the world! After all, he loves me too with the same intensity as I do. Our bond is special after all! And more so, because it is a gift from God. And that’s when I fell in love again, again and again….

This other man in my life is none other than my adorable son, Arjun who turned exactly 7 months old on 22nd Januray this year.
“Dear son, you make our lives so beautiful. Thanks for giving birth to the mother in me and thanks for everything! And this post is for you, just for you…..Love you till my last breath and thereafter! God bless…!!”

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