The conversation continues….. ~ Man questions again, ‘He’ answers

It is a long long way to go
In a life full of uncertainties one never knows
With the destination getting further away,
There is no time to be jolly and gay
When life is busy throwing curve balls at every turn,
Man wonders, ‘whatever for, is this barmy run?’
Because in a world of testing times,
Nothing comes without a price
As man ponders, struggling through every phase
The same question resurfaces,
‘Will there ever be an end to this mad race?’
And that is when the inner voice speaks,
‘Do not buckle, do not tweak
It is not the end of the world yet,
So nothing must let you break
Gather your strength and wits
And get ready for the show
For there is no time to sit
And lament over a past that is no more
Life is never a bed of roses
But a journey of gains and losses

So do not squirm or wriggle
As there is no life sans struggle
Remember, success is not final
Failure is not fatal
What matters is the courage to continue
That counts in the long journey of life
Which is full of inevitable circumstances
That are seldom nice
As man listens, wisdom dawns upon him
And he decides to keep going, keep going till the end
Because what matters in the end, is every opportunity tried
Without having to regret of having left anything untried
After all,  there is just one life
So be the best of it while the time flies……

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