Chapter 2: When roses changed to thorns, when clouds became dark….. ~ Chapters from my life

6th March 2013:

I was happy and my life was good. I guess I could not have asked for anything more or better. I just had the perfect life, the way I wanted. I was actively participating in many events like ladies meet and a lot more. My son who will soon be two, was picking up words that made me swoon with laughter. My husband was comparatively relaxed and I really did not mind being the busy bee mom as it gave me immense pleasure to still being able to enjoy some self time despite the demanding motherhood and wife-hood. But as they say, when things are just going too easy, destiny is just waiting to throw curve balls at you. In my case, a small curve ball did come that was soon to snowball into a life changing event I never imagined in my wildest dreams. I was to face the most traumatic phase of my life. I was to see the darkest days of my life very soon…..days that will haunt me for ever, days that were to change my very perspective of the thing called life.
Musibaten batake nahi aati…
Lines on that day: What would I not give for a normal life? what would I not trade for simplicity? Humility rises only when we stand to lose nothing…..

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