Have you ever seen the rain? ~ When May Simmers…..

It has been scorching ever since I came for my short break in my home town. Considering that Bharuch is a port it has that unlikely combination of dry and humid weather. If there was a term that could define both conditions existing at the same time and acting totally independent of each other, enlighten me. And coming to think of Summers, I share a love-hate relationship with it. And somewhere, my love for mangoes surpasses my hate for its sweltering heat. Despite its warm mornings, hostile noon and humid nights, I continue to enjoy its presence solely for those golden ripe mangoes that paint the town yellow with its lingering sweetness and freshness.

However, the heat has been increasing ever since and with days getting invariably longer, must say, Lord Varuna is remembered more often. Yes, rains are wished for, at this time. Wish they came soon and washed away all the heat and the dust. I do not like monsoons any better than I like summers. But still, each of them is sorely missed in the other’s presence. At least, there is a change for every season. A change at times can be so revitalizing. I cant wait to imagine myself sitting on our porch with a book (preferably Somerset Maugham) in one hand, a mug of hot frothy filter coffee in the other and with the rains making those beautiful splashing sounds, and with the constant chattering of the window panes due to the cold winds. Aah! Nothing beats the joy in spending time alone in a way where you don’t feel a bit lonely and at the same time, feel the happiest and the most content living in the world.
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