Shree Maya Celebrations ~ Restaurant review

March 16

It had been a long time since we visited any mall. But it was a Sunday and with nothing much to do, we decided to visit one, the choice being c21 mall on AB road, Indore. c21 is probably three to four years old and sports brands like French Connection, Reliance Trends, Madame, Mom & me, United Colors of Benetton, Planet Fashion etc…. There is a departmental store below which was well stocked and was crowded, considering the nominal rates (unusual for one like that, in a mall)

After nearly three hours of window shopping with husband, parents and my enthusiastic son, who was not a bit interested in anything but going up and down on the elevators, we decided to snack. But then, we are hungrier than we thought and decided to dine somewhere out. That is when; Shree Maya Celebrations caught our attention.


Shree Maya Celebrations

Shree Maya Residency, part of the Shree Maya group, is located on AB road, Indore. It is a hotel with a valet parking and a very hospitable staff. There is a coffee shop on the right of the entrance that contains a wide variety of breads, cakes and cookies, chocolates, pastries, quick Snacks and mock-tails. The restaurant is spread across the first and second floor.

The ambiance is great with enough space between every two tables. Also, the waiting staffs are amicable as they patiently wait till the order for food is final. Besides there is a crèche for children, which is a huge blessing for parents.

Now coming to the food part, we had ordered,


Manchow soup (2/4) (Nachos and Bread buns were complimentary)

Corn Cheese Balls (8 pieces a plate) and 2 Masala Papad (for starters)

Main Course

Missi roti (1)

Chilli Garlic Naan (1)

Butter Roti (1)

Methi Mutter Malai (1)

Veg Makhanwala (Assorted vegetables tossed in dal makhani gravy) (1)

Dal Makhani (1)

Steamed rice (1)

Not forgetting to mention, the sabzi portions were generous and the rotis were big. We had no desserts as we were full by the time, we completed our main course. So maybe, next time we will try desserts in the coffee shop. Overall, the food was great (not too spicy and not too bland).  The pricing was nominal as the amount came to INR 400 per head (considering we were four adults and one kid).

Just an observation. The service was good, no doubt. But, the waiters had started clearing the table, even as one of us was still eating. So, on that aspect, the restaurant has to improve. And that said, wouldn’t mind going there again!

P.S: And the highlight of the evening was, as we were having our dinner, our son who was in crèche was at his naughtiest self. At a point, he even managed to pull the others out and instigate them to run around the tables!! Sigh!!


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