Queen ~ Movie review

What does it take to break free from constipated thoughts and traditions?

How does it feel to step out in the world and rediscover a self one never knew existed?
Her majesty, Queen shall answer your questions and must say, with a lot of chutzpah! 

Watched Queen yesterday. And there were two things that came to my mind when watching the movie,
First, Kangana Ranaut as protagonist Rani, re-asserts the age old adage, “Simplicity is beauty”.
Second, Kangana Ranaut has proved to the world that, she is one of the finest artists Bollywood has given.
Queen directed by Vikas Bahl, is all about rediscovering the queen that resides in each female, that comes out only in the hour of need. And Rani, for whom the world comes crashing down after her fiance cancels their marriage a day before, travelling alone on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam becomes her road to self discovery. On her journey, she makes good friends, one of them being the sensuous Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon) and also learns a thing or two about life.
Kangana who put the ramp on fire in the movie Fashion, where she played the role of an arrogant and disturbed supermodel, Shonali has transformed here flawlessly into a 24 year old demure Rani with little makeup and a lot of verve. She has definitely raised the bar in acting among Bollywood actors.
Kudos to Kangana!!
Rating: 4/5 (all for her!)
P.S: Loved the songs, all of them, especially London tumakada!

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