E – Egg ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

When Columbus was ridiculed by some Spanish nobles over his discovery of Americas, he placed a wager, an interesting one to speak of! He gave them an egg and challenged them to make the egg stand on its end sans any support. When none could do it, either out of ignorance or out of contempt for that seemingly impossible feat, Columbus tapped it lightly inducing a slight crack on its end, due to which the egg stood the way, he had said. That is how, the supreme yet humble egg preached loud through the discoverer of America,
One just needs to do things differently to bring in a change that time demands.

The quintessential egg has indeed, come a long way since its association with Columbus. A delicacy that it is, it takes its place anywhere and everywhere as a scrumptious breakfast as a fluffy cheese omelette or a light lunch in the form of Bread and Bhurji(an Indian version of scrambled egg, loaded with spices) or even a late evening snack in its boiled or poached form. By which I am suddenly reminded of this advertisement..

Sardi ho ya garmi, (Be it winter or summer)
Sunday ho ya Monday, (Be it a Sunday or a Monday)
Roz khao Ande….. (Have an egg everyday) 
By the way, I love sunny side up? What is your choice?

Leave your prints here :)

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