I – Ice Age ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

My love for animated characters started with Ivan Franko’s book – When Animals could talk, a book that my parents gifted me on my eleventh birthday. And, the first of the interesting animated movies I watched, was Ice Age that released in 2002. I have followed the series religiously and somehow, I fell in love with the four characters surviving the paleolithic Ice age. So, allow me to introduce to you, Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat!
Manny – The burly mammoth with an indulgent heart is a delightful character, who is a good friend to Sid and Diego, a loving husband to his wife Ellie and an adoring father to his daughter Peaches. A tasteful blend of serious and friendly, calm and emotional, Manny is just one of his kind.
Sid – Sid! Oh Sid! Where art thou? The ground sloth who chatters endlessly lisping away to glory, is one of those who you just cannot choose to ignore. His clumsy movements are inversely proportional to his incessant talking. Many a time, his annoying and unintelligent actions get him in trouble and Manny, his good friend is always on his toes to rescue him from the dangers the former unwittingly gets entangled in.
Diego – This saber tooth is the third to complete the friendship trio. The kind that he is, his sarcasm gets ahead of him, making him sound serious and disinterested most of the times. Although it is he, who helps Ellie in delivering Peaches as Manny is busy fighting off the dinosaurs in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Also, he rescues Sid, who he sees as a glutton for trouble. Towards the end of the series, he too finds his soul mate in Shira, a green eyed saber tooth.
Scrat – This unique character has absolutely nothing to do with anything that is happening in parallel. He has just one focus in life – collecting oak nuts. Even if it means endangering himself, Scrat cares no more for the danger as much as he does for the acorn that keeps eluding him till the end of the series, until he finds himself in a town of acorns.
I love the series for the friendship that develops between the emotional Manny, the annoying Sid and the sarcastic Diego. I wouldn’t mind spending a lazy Sunday watching the entire series back to back with a bowl of butter popcorn and coffee.
What about you? Do you have a liking for animation movies as well? What are your picks?

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