R – Routine ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

There was a time when I associated the word routine with humdrum, monotony, lifeless and boring! But then, is it not the routine that drives us towards the idea of hiatus? Is it not the routine that helps us enjoy when we take a break? Is it not the routine that makes us realize the importance of routine itself?

When I was working, I ached for a break, many a time, a break as long as a week atleast! And when I got it prior to my engagement (had to dole out unimaginable excuses for getting a leave for three days), I did all I wanted besides the pre wedding preps. And then, there was some lazing around, movie marathon with my hubby (then fiancee), catching up with friends, eating at favorite joints and a lot more. The thing is, when the leave ended, I was only too happy to get back into my routine again, unlike what I had thought!

You see, routine is like healthy food. It is not tasty most of the time. But it is required to keep the mind and body healthy and importantly, busy. Break is like intermittent indulgence that is fancy to have once in a while. Routine brings a discipline in life. Needless to say, breaks are crucial, but getting back to the routine is more important.
What say?

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