She left her home at 9:45 PM sharp, for her stop that was about five minutes from her home. At any other time, her mind would have wandered to the mind tingling aromas of lip smacking scrumptious snacks her mother would have been preparing for her only child. At any other time, she would have called her father and would have told him about her list of things-to-buy from the newly inaugurated Big Bazaar in her hometown. At any other time, she would have been deciding which movies to watch with her mom. But this time, the tall dark handsome image flashed all over in her head. She continued walking, and at the same time smiling to herself….it would be more appropriate to say, she was blushing…..

Dressed in a simple blue kurti and Jeans and with a stroll around her neck, she made her way to the bus stop.  And as she was crossing the road, she saw him standing there, smiling at her. Somehow, the euphoria of seeing him there all of a sudden, slowed her down, stranding her right in the middle of the road. It was just a fraction of a second and her mind drifted to a wonderland of sunny weather, blue tulips, a picnic banquet and just him. And in the nick of time, he pulled her out of the road, as a Tata Sumo zoomed by. She was jolted out of her dreams. It was then; she realized she was dreaming a lot ever since she met him.

He: “Mad girl! You could have got yourself killed!”
She: “Oh really?? That guy would have stopped had you waved at him….you know that!………

(Some silence)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

          Ok! Maybe, he may not have…..
          Ok! I owe you thanks!!”
He: ”I do not ask you to thank me. Try to be a little more careful next time. Anyways, care to have an ice cream?? Which flavor do you like??”
She:Who ever said, I like ice creams?? But you can go ahead and have. Don’t you worry….. Your tummy won’t ache if you sit across me with a cup of ice cream or a candy!!”
He: “You are one of the feistiest females I have come across…I am getting two scoops of vanilla for both of us. And, now I am not asking you. I say, you give me company!! I have rode a long way to see you off!!”


And, they sat at an ice cream parlor, with him placing an order for two Vanillas topped with choco chips! An ice cream?? And she remembered, she had not had her dinner. She wanted to have something salty and here, he was buying her an ice cream! She remembered, she had refused her roommate’s pestering on having dinner with her. Her stomach now growled!! And worse, she hated ice creams!! Sigh!!

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