And, the stars welcomed him…in their abode – I ~ Fiction series

“Guide us in the hour of need”
Four year old Nyssa was playing with her bunny Troy. The toy bunny was white with shades of brown, a gift that her father had gifted her, last Christmas. It looked at her with its deep black eyes as she softly whispered in its ears, “Hush Hush Troy! Papa is coming home”…………………………
Sarah Jane stared blankly at the ceiling as her new born was sleeping peacefully next to her, oblivious to the effect, the sudden twist of fate had on her. She then called out to Nyssa and hugged her tight. The tears will flow. They will not stop. Not, this time…..
Shirley Tomas placed the rosary beads back in the drawer. She had held them in her hand, long enough since the dreaded phone call 9 hours ago. She prayed for a long time. Her heart failed to accept the truth even as her mind came to terms with the fact, that she could never relive the phone conversation with her son, about a day ago. And then, the tall gallant man appeared next to her and said, “It is time.”
There was a big crowd that had gathered outside the villa of Retd Brig Benji Tomas. The old man stood briskly at the entrance of his two storeyed villa. His face was expressionless, as always. His mustache was neat and trimmed. His rimmed spectacles made it hard to look into his jet black yet, mystic eyes. He stood tall, impeccably dressed in a white shirt, striped scarf, brown corduroys and well polished wellingtons. His wife, Shirley stood there alongside her husband, with glazed  eyes as though they looked into an other world. Matrix, their German Shephard guarded their home with extra caution this day. And then, the old couple looked up, as a huge army truck came at their door step. The moment was overwhelming. The moment stilled the air. The moment was deafening as, Maj Neil Tomas, the hero of Ernakulam, the son of Retd Brig Benji Tomas had arrived home, for ever. 
The lion-heart who stood by his oath, fought his adversaries with all his might, and took the bullet on his face to protect his comrade, had come home to his family, in a mahogany coffin draped gracefully in tricolor with a huge wreath resting on it. Shirley Tomas staggered as the old man held her by her arm, lest she should fall. Her only child now lay there sleeping in that coffin, never to open his eyes again to feel his father’s hug, his mother’s kiss, his wife’s love, his daughter’s delightful squeals and his day old son’s sweet little nothings……
Maj Neil Tomas had arrived at his final resting place, a martyr…..And then, the stars welcomed him…to their abode…..
P.S: The above is an attempt at a short story from my side, as a testimonial dedicated to the brave hearts of our country like Maj Raghuram, Maj Mukund, Capt Deepak Sharma and many more…..who have sacrificed their lives, guarding our motherland. 
“May your tribe increase.”

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