My son and his first best friend TW ~ From a nomad’s diary

The day my son, A was placed in my arms as a cuddly red bundle three years back, I knew the three qualities that defined him – stubborn, thoughtful and social (a combination that is difficult to handle). The other qualities, good and otherwise unfolded as we watched him evolve into an incredibly mischievous toddler from an inquisitive little new born.  But, the three innate qualities remained. His stubbornness drives us crazy. His thoughtfulness at times, surprises us. And his social circle has selective people who he allows in his orbit of acknowledgment. Although, he plays with everyone at school, he has this one special friend back home to, whom he is most attached, of all. This one friend is his best friend, his partner in crime, his friend who is unquestioningly a game to everything my son says and is the one with whom I have seen my son in his happiest self. So, allow me to introduce my neighbor’s adopted year old mongrel – Three wheeler (TW).
How he joined us in our neighborhood, how he became everyone’s darling and most importantly, how he earned his name, is something my neighbor cum friend N shall write about in near future, considering she has monitored his growth and behavior right from the time he was born. Having been his benevolent guardian whose motherly affection and good care is unparalleled, her efforts have paid off making TW the best behaved mongrel I have ever come across. Tolerant in nature and having undergone a tad too many challenges at a time, when affection, food and care were the primary requisites for this pup then, TW has indeed come a long way. Not forgetting to mention, he earned my ire too quite often, when he was a pup. Those days, his notoriety knew no bounds. Be it, pooping in front of my door early in the mornings and then scooting off as soon as I used to open the door or, be it gathering the other pups in assorted mischief, TW was the lead who followed Capt Jack Sparrow’s lines religiously– Fight to Flight when trouble knocks. Ever since, I have seen him evolve from a troublemaker pup into an impeccably alert guard dog.
Coming to my son’s blossoming friendship with TW, I realized today that my son does not think TW is a dog at all. Rather, he treats him like a sibling, playing with him, admonishing him, ordering him around and then, hugging him intermittently to the extent that TW has to run away and duck under the sofa to elude my son’s persistent pestering. Over a late morning snack of grilled potatoes and some lemon juice today, N and I caught A and TW in the middle of a conversation that was privy to them alone.
Scene 1:
A:  Hey TW, this is a tortoise, a baby tortoise! Look TW! (my son holds TW’s head and makes him look at the small wooden tortoise in N’s home next to a big one)
TW: now looking intently at the small tortoise
A: And, see this one is the big tortoise. This is mine. The small one is yours. OK? Take it….Take it……
TW: now looking at the big tortoise
A: NO! This is mine! That is yours!
TW: back to chewing his bone
Scene 2:
TW: (in tow behind):  skidding to a screeching halt!
Scene 3:
A: Lying next to TW and looking at him, conversing in some toddler language, patting him to sleep. (the tone was hush)
TW: Slowly closes eyes and dozes off!
A: Pretending to doze off!
There were many interesting conversations between them  that had more actions than words. And, so I might do great injustice if I were to elucidate them here, as no amount of words can describe that pure friendship developing between this sensitive mongrel and my naughty little boy.
I know not now, if I shall ever have a dog, as all my life I have been against having pets. But off late, my perceptions have changed. When I see my son vocalizing with TW, the twinkle in the latter’s eyes, so matches my son’s enthusiasm when they meet. It is as good as watching two boys playing, fighting, conspiring little tricks and then, resting together like chaddi buddies! I for one, know for sure that my son is a born animal lover. And his association with his first best friend TW has put all my doubts and apprehensions about bringing a new member in future, to rest.
So long TW, be good and have a hearty and healthy life…..God bless…!!
P.S: Photos coming soon!!

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