Chef’s Alcove, some ice tea and fast food, dim lights and an amazing company!!

Some evenings are unplanned. Some Saturdays are crazy. And, some Saturday evenings are such that when you know not what the plans would be, suddenly out of the blue, hubby declares a visit to a favorite joint that was lost somewhere in the labyrinth of loving memories and naughty conversations! That is how last Saturday happened for me!! K was meeting his course mate after 8 years(a long time indeed). After a lot of thinking about which place to visit, we zeroed on Chef’s Alcove. Having met the course mate’s wife S earlier, I was glad that I would have some company too!

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Chef’s Alcove

We reached the place at 8 (I was a little worried about getting a place in there, as it was a Saturday night and secondly, I was told it is perpetually crowded after 8). Thankfully, we were the second to arrive and S and I took our own sweet time to place our order. The variety is so much that we were still gaping at the menu with wide eyes, mentally devouring each item listed. After some push from the husbands, we placed our order that included –  A Swiss Roesti, a Bruschetta topped with cheese, jalapenos, olives and capsicum, a Margarita Pizza garnished with sage leaves and green apple Ice tea.  Husbands ordered a Chicken Roesti and a Chicken burger with potato wedges and some coke. So, then commenced a beautiful evening over a nice comfy dinner with amazing food and engaging conversation. In a long time, I conversed with someone of my age group and I was at complete ease as our conversation drifted from one topic to another. Also, S bonded well with my three year old son which was a great feeling for me. Considering that my son is not very social with all people we meet, he totally adored this couple!! Post our dinner, came in our desserts, a cheese cake and an apple pie with ice cream! Both were good, though I tasted the apple pie which tempted me enough to try at least once, at home. Both hubby and son do not like to consume fruits as fruits, but in cakes, pastries et al! Overall, this place is good with amazing food. We had a great time!!

For people who know not much about this place, let me give a quick run through. Chef’s Alcove is a multi-cuisine deli that specializes in Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean and some English cuisines. It is located opposite the College of Dental Hospital and Sciences in Rau district of Indore. What I love about this deli is its ambiance with dim yellow lights, some potted plants and hanging pots here and there, and wooden tables and chairs of varying sizes. There is a mini lounge at the entrance for a bigger crowd. For newly weds, romantic couples, and people seeking a serene environment, this is the place. Coming to food, there is a variety of cuisines and you need to place your order on a slate. Also, since it is a deli, it has self-service (as in most). There are cocktails and mock tails available as well. You need to be quick in placing orders as the cooking staff is limited. So, you need to have a patient stomach. That said, you must have a fat wallet and a lot of time to spare too!!


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