The change, so the move.

Sometimes, I act on impulse. Oh! Did I say, sometimes? Scratch that! Most of the times, I act on impulse (mis)guided by instinct. (Instincts are always right, but not with the wrong timings!) So, where was I? Yes, taking impulsive decisions! So, my knee-jerk decisions always leave me in a lurch as they are an outcome of a prolonged indecisiveness! In the aftermath, I can never claim with absolute conviction on whether the pros outweigh the cons, or the other way round. For instance, if hubby and I decide together to eat at a joint, I suddenly may have a change of heart after ordering food. So, you get the drift! But still, I believe we all take decisions for a reason and just the way we are supposed to, at any given instant. So, after 7 years of blogging on the blogger, I decided to move my virtual home here. (You see, the nomadic life gets to you so much at times that you tend to move places even in the virtual world!) The thought of this move has been going on for over a year, and I spontaneously did it, yesterday. And, the change feels good although I miss my previous home a lot. So, WordPress is my new home.


And, as I was going through the old posts, I was amazed that my indolent brain was able to churn out so many words here, considering the fact that I am talkative only with a few ones (special ones) in the real world. Well, that is what blogging is all about, right? The need for a personal space!

Every one needs  a personal space. Don’t we? For me, this is that space and very sacrosanct, to say so! Also, I have realized over years that, writing is more unprejudiced than speaking. Like, words once said, cannot be unsaid. But words on MS word once written can be edited, deleted, re-written and what not! The better part is, you can still modify your already published posts if you want! Well, does it suffice to say, I love my blog a lot. I love it because it unlocked a long lost chest filled with dreams and the seemingly forgotten bubble wrapped thoughts. This journey started way back, even as I was working round the clock in a big firm as an inconspicuous employee. Those days, blogging proved cathartic for me midst the undue work pressures and asphyxiating deadlines. Sometimes, washrooms were the only place I found my quiet time to reorganize my thoughts! And, so expressing virtually became my alternative lifeline and now, is my prized possession of sorts. Sometimes, I wonder what would have I become, if not an engineer? Perhaps, a journalist? Perhaps, a B.Sc Chemistry with a post graduate degree (as Chemistry was my strong subject way back!)? or perhaps, a teacher? Who knows? And, who cares now?

A couple of years back, my parents asked me if they had forced me to pursue Engineering when I desperately wanted to study Mass Comm. I would have probably replied in affirmative, had this question been asked four years back, when I was busy ‘performance testing’ applications for clients I never met and worse, toil on weekends to produce the deliverable s on time! Today, I am glad, I never replied to that question, even though I had second thoughts about engineering before joining the ‘Engineers’ pool’! All my clouded judgments about the ‘right or wrong’ aspect of my decision to be an engineer disappeared when I got a crazy bunch of excellent friends who stood by me through all times like a rock! As for the engineering part, I surprised myself by being good in what I thought, was not my cup of tea. Everything that followed were events, time and places that were already destiny designed. Looking back, I may have made some erroneous judgments regarding a few unsavory phases in life post college, but even those toughened me up. Suffices to say, I have grown out of my bitterness over things that never worked out, long long back. The bottom line is, all of it helped me express healthily here. Most importantly, blogging healed me.

I am a happy person when I write. It is synonymous with sipping a cuppa hot chocolate or coffee or perhaps, relishing a plate of steamy vegetable Maggi with some cheese crusts! I would love to write a book someday chronicling everything about my life. Not for the world, but just for the next generation (My three plus year old son wonders why I love to tap the keys so much, intermittently reminding me that they might just fall off the keyboard some day) Well, there has to be something precious, something humble, something that cannot be bought, that you leave behind for the next gen and the next. For me, that something would be a wonderful blog with sunshine memories or,  a big fat journal full of mischief’s and tales of notoriety for children (I believe children should be mischievous!) or perhaps, a book on ‘how I met my husband’ (The way my husband and I met is an interesting story). There is a lot. And now, is just a small part of that great beginning. Isn’t it?

That said, what would you leave behind for the gen next? 😉

Leave your prints here :)

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