Mother Nature doesn’t take sides.

Natural calamities always teach a thing or two about the most important possession – Life! If you have noticed a pattern of how the Orrisa Cyclone, Gujarat earthquakes (and the ones before in other states), the tsunami, the Uttarakhand disaster, Kashmir floods and now, the earthquake that shook Nepal by the roots, have happened, there is something seriously amiss in the way, we as people are treating the planet we live in. And, natural calamities are like the butterfly effect. A small trigger in place A could lead to a big phenomenon in place B in a different time zone.


Chaos theory runs absolutely in sync with Nature’s designs. There are subtle signs that this planet is heading towards where it should NOT be heading to. Death and disappearance of sparrows in certain pockets of our country, a sudden increase in chronic ailments, nonseasonal rains and hailstorms indicate that we are falling behind in the most important task of our lives and that is to, guard Mother Nature and Earth. The recent news on how the Delhi air has been polluted beyond reason is shocking. Doctors are advising their patients to move out of the city. That bad, it is! The question is, how serious are we as individuals, working towards this great movement? Only If we took some time from the virtual world and took a look around and admired the gift of life and Nature at least once.


The images of people affected in the earthquake are heart wrenching. Updates on FaceBook about friends and family who were there in Nepal during the earthquake, jolt us back to reality – How could life snap in a second? And, the worst form of pain that torments a human is, not knowing whether the kin is alive or dead. There was a recent discussion on FaceBook on the same as to why such calamities happen. The discussion spawned a lot of viewpoints pertaining to Karma, Spirituality and Science. Well, I believe Mother Nature doesn’t take sides! She probably has to keep the balance of life and in doing so, there are losses. Irrevocable losses. Painful losses. Losses that can never be settled for. In the discussion, one even ranted aloud on the social network – Where is God?


And then, there are some people who don’t question – Where is God. They jump on the street with food, medicines and other supplies and immediately fly down to the place with the essentials to help the people in the hour of need. And I say, God is here, right among us. Ironically, natural calamities are also the time when we witness the goodwill, brotherhood and a lot of prayers. On that note, I have immense respect for the Sikh community. This community is an epitome of humanity! They always come to help people in the hour of need. I have never seen that kind of goodwill in any other. We truly need to learn that from these people.

And, what we need now, are NOT opinions, discussions, blame games and ranting. What we need to do now, is to act individually towards protecting this planet.

hhThat image just said it all!

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