OK Mind, time to de-clutter!

Today, I was discussing with a colleague about the times we grew in. As mothers of preschoolers, we deduced we were worrying, over thinking, fussing, cribbing and ranting a lot more than our parents (in their times). And. the world around gives every reason to worry about the most trivial issues under the Sun. Times have changed, we convinced ourselves. Well, time hasn’t just changed, it also does the disappearing act faster than the appearing one! There is a dearth of time and space in everyone’s life. People are rushing towards the tomorrow, which looks like a vindictive train giving a deliberate miss to its passengers. And then, it is not just the time, but the people have changed too. There is less talking and more gossip, less feelings and more emoticons and a severe loss of reasoning (both in the real and the virtual world). Anything new is either greeted with contempt or with malice. Sometimes, it is also accepted without reasoning. Coming to which, I feel the world is quick in passing judgments recklessly and trivializing issues, not worth a dime. It severely lacks in reason, needless to say at every angle.


  • Like, why do news like Chetan Bhagat catching a foot in the mouth syndrome or Vir Das feeling let down by the depreciation of his ludicrous sense of humor, garner so much importance? I gather, people enjoy lampooning a lot these days and sharing their unsolicited opinions so that there could be more fodder for insanely repetitive gossips. Wicked pleasure, eh! Seriously, there is something horribly wrong in the way people function these days. There is a surging level of intolerance to everything being said and written. The beef ban followed by Shobha De’s much avoidable tweets and all the blah, is just one to name! Which says a thing or two about how social networking has changed people. There is so much of anger in people. The question is, for what? The anger is justified if you could do something about it. Otherwise, the diarrhea of opinions and counter-opinions resonate like thundering clouds that disperse without raining! That is it.
  • I have mixed feelings about sites on motherhood and baby care. Besides writing for a few websites myself, on motherhood and handling toddlers (based on my own experience), a part of me questions the very need of it. Well, I write because I love to share about my experiences. But then, when I see the myriad techniques on raising children all over the Internet and with first time mothers going all gaga over them, I wonder how much credit we give to our parents for the advice we are dishing out on the Net space? And the question remains, why are ladies comfortable discussing their pregnancy/toddler/marital issues with virtual friends in the countless groups rather than asking ‘the person’ – their own mothers? I, for one have strictly and religiously followed only what my mother advised me to. (parenting included) Which is why, I wonder why we have started relying on the Internet for such basic tips and needs. Anyways, to each his own. Just my thoughts.
  • I have come to believe that gossip is a man’s worst enemy. It is indeed, injurious to health and mind alike. However, I realized there is a brighter side to being a silent spectator in a gossip too. It gives you a peek into the other person’s head when he or she lets those words trail off. Sometimes, it also amuses you about how a gossiping person has a fan following of his own. Now, many people might think, that is impossible! I am saying, it is a reality. Over a period of time, there will be at least two or three odd people who kind of drink on every word being said and, believe it completely. For me, it is not the gossip that is interesting (I hardly have a good memory when it comes to listening to stuff I hardly care about) It is the ring leader who intrigues me with that technique of playing the ‘good Samaritan’ with unclear intentions. I was once told by a close one, “keep your ears open and mouth shut. You will get better with reading the people around you! That is all you need in the world!” So damn right!

I guess, the de-cluttering is done now. Everyone needs an outlet to emote the way they want. This space just serves my purpose, right!

P.S: By the way, am NOT a CB fan. I don’t like his novels. But, that man has earned his due and there are people who have liked his work. Just because I (and some others) do not like his book, does not mean that his work be demeaned. He has earned his success. And, I appreciate that.


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