Parenting with the strictness quotient

Raising a child is the most precious experience, albeit the most challenging one too. There are worries, there are never-ceasing-to- grow whites on the head, there are sleepless nights about the planning of child’s education and then, there is also the seamless joy in watching your child blossom and evolve with time. However, there are times when not everything your child does, make you happy. As a mother of a three plus year old, I have realized that, some amount of austerity is crucial in aiding with the right kind of growth. And, I am a strong believer in the adage: Spare the rod and spoil the child.


These days, Internet is rife about how children should be raised. Forums on every social networking site are flood with parental guidelines. A lot of mothers discuss parenting issues, where instances of children under performing in school but performing well at home, or children being too disobedient or following an erratic routine or even, unhealthy food habits and irregular sleep patterns. My mother thanks God that there was no Internet in her time. She chuckles, “Who had the golly time to discuss all these issues? We had no choice but to be self-educate ourselves”. I feel , she definitely parented in a different time and not to mention, a better time too!

So, here is my take on how strict we need to be with our children.

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