Piku ~ Movie Review

“Death and Shit can come to anyone, anytime!”


Ok. I don’t like the sound of it albeit the underlying philosophical depth of this statement. To begin with, I watched the movie Piku yesterday. It is a Shoojit Sircar’s movie. (Remember his movies- Madras Café, Vicky Donor) So, couldn’t miss it for the world, you know. So, how was the movie? Actually, good. This movie is a classic example of how a director can actually use the potential of his cast ensemble, with aplomb.

When I read other reviews, it was AB who was praised for portraying a senile, selfish Bengali Bhadrolok with a seemingly progressive outlook and, a severely constipated stomach and mind. Of course, AB needs no mention. He is an established actor who is fluent in Bengali and can essay any role with such finesse. (Paa, remember?) Irrfan as Rana is as usual in his best element, exuding that intoxicating and rustic charm that cling to his rugged features and droopy eyes! I find him to be one of the most handsomely talented men in Bollywood, besides actors like Manoj bajpai and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Battling with the idiosyncrasies of his own twisted family, this Rana character unusually finds a friend in the protagonist Piku, who has her share of woes on the same lines. And now, coming to Deepika, I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. Why? I am not a DP fan. That’s why. I can’t believe yet that she gave such a stellar performance in this movie, essaying the role of a severely messed up, ridiculously loud and a seemingly insensitive woman, Piku. Well, I guess DP should think about doing more of character based roles as these rather than putting up with the cliched doll face, next door girl character.

Now, let’s talk about the movie. For me, it was entirely about the character – Piku. For the world, Piku may come across as an extremely arrogant bundle of negative energy. However, in reality she has those terrifying moments thinking that, she might actually die a spinster with an unreasonably attention seeking parent for whom, the world revolves around his commode and the shape and consistency of what goes into it! Right from the wee hours of the morning, at breakfast lunch and dinner times, on Piku’s dates and in all times in between, Piku’s father Bhaskor Da has just one worry that sucks the life and energy of everyone around – his constipation. The movie is full of light moments. Some moments are so surreal yet, hilarious that you are actually confused if you feel like going ‘isshhh…..’ on Bhaskor Da’s shit or, his inclination towards discussing it as a power subject with anyone and everyone!

On a serious note, there is a lot of good message hidden between those quirky dialogues on, how a parent should NOT be, how a child should be and, how an out of blue friendship helps a person gain perspective (like the one between Piku and Rana).

I like the scene when Piku argues with Rana when the latter accuses her father of being selfish, to which she replies, “So what? He is my father!”  This is followed instantly by a lighter moment in which Piku snidely proposes to Rana, “Shaadi karoge?” to which Rana quickly ripostes, “Matha kharab nahi hai mera!”. A good laugh ensues from both.

And before I finish this post, I would be utterly disrespecting the essence of this movie if I do not mention Moushumi Chatterjee’s role as Piku’s flamboyant, sensual and attractive aunt who alone has the time and energy to lock horns with Bhaskor Da on the most trivial issues. And yet, she remains impassive whatsoever. There is one such character in every family and, trust me: they are the ones who keep the sanity levels from disintegrating!

Loved the movie. Would not mind watching it again.

P.S: Looking back, I gather that this is the longest review I have written in a while. And, no star rating. I am going to watch this movie again. Need say more?

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