The A’s and their inflated E’s.

There is a reason why we connect with certain books. Those words, those thoughts, those opinions and those voices often mirror ours. We fall for the romance, the humor, the climax or the glum and all other emotions we feel otherwise. It suffices to say we connect with certain authors on an intellectual level. But, what if you found that the author, whose works may have inspired you at some point of time, is too self obsessed to accept difference in opinions or worse, criticism? It is disappointing.

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So, after reading this book of hers a few years back, I added her on a social networking site. And, she promptly added me back! Surprising, no? She just knew me as a newbie fan who had complimented her on her first book with a positive review. The book was a non fiction and, was definitely good. It made me feel good about life. The words were soothing. And, they kept flowing until I felt, “No! I don’t want this book to end!” Reading this book was like traveling without a destination. I fell for it as, I connected with the many little experiences of her life. Following this, her writing spawned five fictions and her success, based on sheer hard work and dedication earned her rave reviews on Flipkart and Amazon. Interesting, it is.

And, as she continues to enjoy her success by keeping her fans and followers updated about how she loves to write and blog and how, she is an inspiration to many; she passed a comment about a movie, followed by many more comments, on a social networking site that totally changed my perception about her. The first comment was an outburst on a particular movie that she did not like. I get that. Everyone has a right to their opinions. But the way she expressed her opinion irked everyone. The words she chose exposed her hypocrisy that apparently did not go down well with many of her fans and friends who, had and had not enjoyed the movie. Now, the issue is trivial. To each, his own. Isn’t it? But when words play like double edged swords, the least you should expect is peace. And, as an author, this lady should have known. It was not her berating the movie that caused a furor but her comments in the aftermath that were entirely in bad taste. Her fury for people who criticized her opinion (as the kind of hers criticizing the movie) came as a surprise when she almost slammed people for a difference of opinion to the extent that she realized who her friends or foes were.

There is no doubt about the lady’s writing style. It is simple, lucid and fresh. But her arrogance that reflected in the way she countered the criticism to her posts and comments, was a bit startling. I am fairly disappointed that I assumed that the author is as humble as she writes. Maybe, I am wrong about the authors who seemingly echo what they write about and that, their words unmask their souls in those pages. It hurts to see that the humility in those pages is a facade for the arrogance in the person who filled those pages.

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