Monsoon memoirs – Down the memory lane.

A peculiar sense of bewilderment seeps in when the dark nimbus patches move slowly in clusters like a stealthy pack, camouflaging the Sun and its rays steadily and, at the same time, exuding a splash of cool breeze and miniature drizzles that caress the face and land in those long tresses like shiny little radium! Darker the day gets, a sense of thrill runs down the spine, as dreams of running with the dark clouds, cutting through the misty rains become more and more vivid. And, all of a sudden, the moment of reliving a recurring surreal dream becomes so real that the soul feels the exhilaration of riding over the clouds that thunder and rain! The whiff of the parched earth, now drenched with the tear drops from heavens above, emanates an earthy aroma thereby, intoxicating the mind and filling the heart with joy.


Yes, monsoons have arrived. And, they unlocked the monsoon chest of memories from my childhood. Here are the ones, I vividly remember!

  1. Making paper boats with some hand written notes addressed to nobody and, letting them glide in small muddy puddles.
  2. Hunting for snails and leeches and poking them incessantly till they sneak out of their shells and, scouring for frogs and reptiles lest they enter our gates.
  3. Filling water in inverted umbrellas and watching them oscillate like the feisty Black pearl from the movie Pirates of the Carribean.
  4. Filling gumboots with water and throwing peculiar looking insects into them and watch them swim to the surface.
  5. Eating spicy hot aloo and baingan bhajas with hot ginger tea, (Mommy is the word, you know!) and, reading Arabian Nights or a PG Wodehouse.
  6. Sitting on the porch and trying to count the number of drops that shower down like pearls (It is impossible to count but who cares! On the other hand, it is pure fun!)
  7. Trying to collect the rain drops in your mouth and then spurting it out in full force!
  8. Lying on the terrace on your back and getting drenched in the rain only to feel the rain drops now being pelted on your face. (Drizzles available only in trailers) And, yet the intoxication doesn’t cease.
  9. Riding a two wheeler and bumping into big crevices filled with water and falling off the bike, and then, dragging the poor vehicle along for about three kilometers in the heavy rains, not to mention with bruised knees!
  10. Jumping in the puddles, singing – Hop a little! Jump a little! One, two three!

Now, these were the best of my monsoon memories from childhood. What are yours?

(Tagging Shruti, Navkiran, Saroj and Deepa)

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