When life teaches, it gifts you the experience as a souvenir.

It was quite recently, I realized how much I missed this phase of my life, when I had to get up on time,  get ready and move out to commence with the day’s work of coaching a bunch of adorable mini-humans who look up to me as their messiah. Apparently, I am a pre-school teacher who is learning a great deal about patience and time management.

So, as I am juggling with two interesting professions of teaching in a school and writing from home, I noticed how different and similar the two professions are. Both require absolute dedication. Both don’t leave much room for excuse and both, are incredibly challenging. Those were the similarities. Coming to the differences, pre-school teaching can get physically exhausting whereas, writing can get daunting if one falls into the much dreaded writer’s block! So even as I love what I am doing unconditionally, I have my days of blues when nothing seems to go right. And a writer’s block attacks me with full force at a time when I have the maximum writing assignments, with building pressure and intimidating deadlines. Apart from that, there isn’t a freelancer who has not had a brush with No Writing For Free facade. Sometimes, the days in school are no better when facing a narcissist management’s unruly and unjustified temper is the last thing one would want at the end of each day. Although, I love teaching and writing a lot, I do come across some precariously discouraging moments that are too daunting to ignore. And when I was cribbing more than usual, I happened to view a video of Jeff Bezoz’s Power of Choices. This video could not have come to me at a better timing, when my impulses were sliding on the negative side. It is an amazing video and I recommend it as a must watch. I listened to it quite a number of times not because, I suddenly decided to do a choice makeover but because, it was healing my agitated impulses to react negatively to a hexed situation.

And from a particularly unsavory experience I had today, I learnt a very important lesson too. Not following your instinct, but following what your intermediary lead says because you find yourself trusting his or her judgment more than yours, is the most foolish thing you can do in life. Now that I have done it, I am bracing up for what is to come. When I came back home, I was continually beating myself up over my stupidity of having turned a deaf ear to myself. However, I realized a little later that beating myself up over and over again was not going to make the coming Monday any easier for me or my colleagues who happened to do the same mistake by relying on an incorrect call made by a superior. Mistakes done are done. They cannot be redone or undone at one’s behest. But then, Jack Ma, the founder of AliBaba Group asks people to look at mistakes differently. A mistake, he feels should not be seen as an object of fear or ridicule in life but, as a revenue to improvise! Perhaps, it is best not to dwell in the disparaging phase or every incident, for long. Maybe, being thick skinned helps in keeping pace in a world where sun shines have a tough time creeping through the crevices of the dark clouds of uncertainties. Perhaps, it is time to build an impermeable shield of ‘I cannot be broken!’ around self.So, that was a twisted update on my school front.

On the writing front, I have fewer pressures. The best part about writing is, I am able to pursue my passion from home. Yet, working from home is not all hunky dory as it looks. It deprives you of some custom pleasures and pains like rising early and starting the big day in the real world, battling hard against the pressures in your work space, dealing with arrogant and vain bosses and, finding less than enough time to complete house hold chores. And yet, there is a good and a less good side to everything.

And now that I am in teaching profession, I have finally learned that teaching requires more of a kind heart and a good soul with a certain degree of sternness which supersedes the necessity of intellectual substance. For instance, a learned man with a stock of degrees from deemed universities, may not necessarily be a good teacher. But a good teacher can come from anywhere despite the fact that he may have little or no academic accolades to flaunt. The video below sums it all.


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