Which is important – Foundation or, the structure on it? ~ Guest post 2

This is my father’s second guest post after the first one here. Felt like sharing.


My daughter is very proud of being a pre primary teacher though she has been one only since three months. So, her pride was bruised when a three decade experienced higher secondary teacher passed a snide remark on how handling pre primary Is easy and does not require efforts like that of hers.

My visibly angry daughter was now preparing her mind for a volcanic argument with the teacher who also happens to be her aunt. So, I explained to my daughter,

Those who teach pre primary and primary provide the foundation and the required base for the child. Those who teach secondary and higher classes provide structure and super structure, which obviously cannot be made without foundation. Each requires a different skill set and, has its place in the world.

Super structure falling is not uncommon. But, foundation failing is rare and serious. So, decide whose job is important. Foundation i.e. base though signifies the strength is not visible. So, it is not appreciated and is, therefore taken for granted. But super structure is visible and signifies beauty and hence is accredited all the time.

To understand the importance and the associated efforts for building the foundation requires intelligence and wisdom, a rare combination that many may not possess.

So, dear daughter! do your job with undiminished passion and love. That will give peace and satisfaction in the long run.


I will keep this in mind, father! And, I am glad that I have you and mother around to guide me through times when circumstances unnerve me and bog me down. Yes, I really do not have to reply to every condescending comment. And as you advised, I should never explain to anyone why I am doing what I love to do.

Amen to that.


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