Tamasha ~ Movie review

The review is late. But, saved it for the right time! 

When this movie was first released, I knew, it would garner enough attention on its ‘first day first show’, courtesy – Ranbir Deepika pair. Somehow, they just click together onscreen. Or is it that, Deepika clicks better with RK than with the rustic RS, onscreen? Well, who knows and, who cares? So, when I flipped through the FB pages, this movie was trashed to bits with opening statements like, “Ok! If you feel Shandaar was a bad joke, you should see Tamasha!”, “I barely sat through the first 30 minutes! What a waste!”, “You can probably watch PRDP. That will make you feel less guilty about paying 150-250 bucks on movies like these!” et al! The comments were so discouraging that I had almost decided that I was NOT going to watch this movie. But then destiny has its designs. Doesn’t it always? Only this time, it was unpredictably pleasant. Considering hubby was visiting, I asked him if he would like to watch a movie. So, with all hopes high on watching some Hollywood flick, we reached INOX and, what do we find? Hate Story 3 and Tamasha! The rest were regional flicks. So selecting a favorite among the two was difficult as, Hate story type of movies were never on our movies list. So, we were left with Tamasha. Considering hubby was on a short visit, we took the gamble, hoping it would pay off. Of course, I was kicking myself after I had the ticket and popcorn in hand as I was beginning to question myself, “What if I couldn’t sit through the movie? Is it that bad? all the money gone down the drain“

And, then the movie began…..



Before I give my views on this movie, I have to say a couple of things for people who would want to read this review:

  • One, that I kicked myself bad for not having watched this movie earlier. (Not that it would have made a big difference!) But, I was glad that I finally watched this movie.
  • And, two that this movie is
    • NOT for those who look for a chikni chameli or a sheela ki jawaani.
    • NOT for those who expect a story with villains, love triangles and all the shebang that tags along.
    • NOT for those who love the protagonist as someone with an impeccable personality, zero flaws, looks of a prince and, a mind of gold!

So who would possibly want to watch this movie? This movie is a good pick for those who love the abstractness of simple arts like story telling. This movie is for those who look beyond drama and seek depth in the characters they adore. And, this movie is purely for those who relish the theatrical shades in a story with characters that speak less and act more. AND, I totally loved this movie despite NOT being an RK or a DP fan.

If you sit through the movie with an open mind, you would understand how much this movie speaks about the challenges of an identity crisis that manifests in many people’s lives since childhood. A man embracing mediocrity to earn a favorable position in the lives of people he loves and how, he overdoes it to the extent of severing himself from the true passion and grit that define him, is a common sight everyday. Ved (RK) in this movie is one such man who is battling to reach out to his inner self. And when, a vacation in Corsica earns him a soul mate (Enter Tara – DP) who feels and basks in the warmth and glow of the passion within him, his fight to reach his true identity begins.

Watching this movie makes one wonder, how good can life get if one did what his passion propelled him to do. Sadly it happens for a handful. For the majority, making ends meet and supporting the family is a priority and compulsion that shoves all the passion and talents underneath the worldly burdens. Imtiaz Ali has indeed created a good piece of art that is projected with stories, flashbacks, fast forwards and whatever that falls in between. Surely, this movie is for a class and NOT for the mass. I would just leave it at that!

Rating: 4/5

P.S: Piyush Mishra is a Bollywood gem!

And, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, unleash the talent with           many more character based roles!

And, I so love this song! And, the steps too!



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