Questions and Answers.

This and That and, all the din!

These days there is no dearth of spiteful posts on FB. Opinions galore and then comes a point where so much of bickering over a tweet can turn friends to foes and foes to friends. As per a recent article on human psychology, we as humans tend to become insanely bold in expressing our opinions in the virtual world that we dare not say it loud in the real world. What does that speak about the society we live in? The world is breeding cowards masquerading as chivalrous gentlemen!

So here are a few questions to ask oneself.

Source: Google Images

Q1: “Are my feelings utterly negative without a speck of positivity? If yes, do I need the world to know about my delirious headspace?”

Ans: If yes, seek help immediately!

Q2: “Does my tweet or a post incite hate and spite in people? If yes, do I enjoy the circus that stems from my tweet or post?”

Ans: If yes, seek help immediately!

Q3: “Does my outburst/angst on a social networking forum repel people although the likes, comments and shares cross a thousand and therefore, make me famous? If yes, does it make me happy?”

Ans: If yes, time to take a sabbatical from the virtual world and learn new hobbies! Idle mind is devil’s workshop! Remember?”

Q4: “Do I have trouble accepting a different viewpoint or say, I just cannot tolerate a different take on a situation?”

Ans: If yes, you are heading towards becoming a narcissist! No comments!

Q5: “Do I have to let the whole wide world know what I am feeling like (which is whatever that falls in between the urge to eat and taking a dump?”

Ans: If yes, you need to go out and start making some friends in the real world!

Q6: “Do I feel the urge to prove a point to every clown in the town?”

Ans: If yes, you have to start trusting yourself more!

Q7: “Am I doing anything close to productive that remotely resonates with the idea of contributing towards the society?”

Ans: If no, time to gain a perspective!

Virtual world has gotten our doppelgangers closer, rather than our true selves. Sometimes, it is good to take a break from this world and analyze whether we are brave enough to confront situations in real life as much as we voice our opinions on how the world should be run. Time for a rain check. Isn’t it?




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