Bajirao Mastani ~ Movie review

My mother and I love movies with historical themes. So, when we had to choose from Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale, ofcourse you know what we picked! So, did we like it? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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Whenever we watch a historical movie, it is not just the story but the characters that keep us seated through the movie. I remember watching Jodha Akbar and, I so loved the movie despite its altered adaptation of the emperor’s life. And, why? Because, I took back with me certain instances from the movie that made a memory. Like, when the emperor tries winning back Jodha in the sword fight at her place, reiterating the lines of ‘jay-parajay’ as in why victory is a victory no matter how and how in one of the initial scene Hrithik as a young Akbar pacifies a wild elephant and, his final fighting sequence with his own brother in law are some of the few to name. Same can be said about Bahubali which, is invariably one of the best epic movies made in India. The sight of Queen Sivagami  (played by Ramya Krishnan) brandishing her sword and killing the defector with one hand, as she cradles her newborn in the other, the following scene wherein she breastfeeds both her sons, as she discusses governance with her subjects, then the scene wherein the young Prabhas (Bahubali) jumps wild into the air with a bow and an arrow and, flips to shoot as the arrow accurately pierces  through the middle of the tree on the mountain top are some of the best shots. There are many to list from Bahubali as well. But then, this review isn’t about Bahubali. Isn’t it?

So, coming back to Bajirao Mastani, how was the movie? A one time watch? Perhaps. Technically, the movie was good in terms of the sets, the makeup and the fight sequences. Deepika Padukone could kill with her ‘Mastani’ looks. She looked fabulous indeed. Priyanka Chopra as Kashi bai was something I couldn’t relate to, although she looked beautiful. Did Ranveer Singh do justice to Bajirao’s role? Only historians can answer it right. Yet, as a person with little knowledge of Maratha’s history, I found the song ‘waat lawli’ preposterous considering I understand Marathi well (Only cannot speak in it). It looked like Bajirao had suddenly entered the contemporary era till the song played and then, he went back to the 16th century! I expected the dialogue sequences more in Marathi and less in Hindi. Rather, I have come to believe, this movie ideally should have been a product of Marathi cinema and NOT of Bollywood. Sanjaja Leela Banshali seems to have made this movie in some haste, lest someone else makes it! Also, this movie has focused more on the love triangle between Kashi, Mastani and Rao and less on Rao’s popularity as a warrior. What is expected from a historical movie, after all? That, the audience gets a whiff of who was who and why? Sadly, this movie has not given enough to idolize the great Maratha warrior.

So, was this movie good?

When you watch a movie and you come out of the theater, there is something that tags along with you. You try to remember the scenes. You smile when you remember your favourite scenes. You cry when you remember the sad ones. You are filled with a sense of courage when you remember the ones that exemplify grit. Unfortunately, after Bajirao Mastani, I came out alone with no memories to tag along. Yes, the only saving grace for me is that I chose Bajirao Mastani over Dilwale. Overall, this movie was disappointing.

Rating: 2/5

(The two stars are entirely for the sets)

Now, was this review helpful? Only you can answer.

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