When life throws you souvenirs, treasure them!

learnings of life
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With every passing year, there is an indelible mark of wisdom that each one of us has tattooed on his/her persona knowingly or otherwise. Of course, the magnitude of wisdom is another subject altogether. Yet, some experiences in life are the best teachers and, the ‘tattoos of perseverance’ stay with us forever. So, what has 2015 imparted to us/me/you? Not that some lessons repeat for me. However, the new lessons make sure that I don’t forget the old ones. So, here is a glimpse into the list of lessons I have been made to learn, until now.

  1. Life can get monotonous for most part of our lives. The boredom gets to us and, at times even convinces us to break free from the daily grind that seems to dull our senses, forever. However the fact we live by but appear to be blissfully unaware of is that, routine is an unappreciated lifeline! It is this routine after all, that motivates us with its tideum to boldly explore a realm beyond our normal lives.
  2. Compliments always make you feel wonderful. Criticism can break you most of the times. However, getting used to compliments is as bad as getting used to criticism. A pinch of criticism is like a pinch of salt. It hurts where it hurts, but it does wonders when taken in the right manner.
  3. I have realized a fact of life over a period of time that for every one person who says, “It is possible!”, there are a hundred others who not only believe the otherwise but also, leave no stone turned in putting a full stop to a possibility. Crab mentality, remember? It hurts and, it hurts real bad! After all, going out of comfort zone to accomplish a feat is not the top priority or, even a priority on everyone’s agenda. After all, getting out of comfort zone means lifting your bum from a rose bed and planting it on a thorn bush!
  4. Judging someone we do not know is the worst human trait ever! But then, we all judge at some time or the other. Only, some judgments are obnoxiously loud! The others meanwhile, are locked in the labyrinth of grey matter, never to be seen or heard of again!
  5. While watching MasterChef Australia Season 6 2015, I saw one of the contestants in the gantry remark about the mistake, one of the contestants in a pressure test was making! That is when it dawned on me that spotting flaws is way easier than rectifying them, especially when one has to spot flaws in someone else’s work.
  6. Now as I just talked about Masterchef Australia, I realized how much the winner Billie Mckay inspired me. A simple country girl from New South Wales with a passion for cooking, Billie grew in the MasterChef Kitchen under the tutelage of Gary, George and Matt, by leaps and bounds, with sheer determination, perseverance and patience. I especially loved the Marco Pierre White’s a double lamb chop on a crepinette challenge wherein, Billie, Reynolds and Mathew had to keep up with the gourmet devil himself, as he was demonstrating on the how! The way she caught up on the challenge despite having had to begin from scratch midway, was commendable. I wonder, where does that fire to win come from? I crave for that kind of fire! What a blissful soul that must be that knows to follow the flame that fans the passion! Someday, someday………………………………
  7. My son is four and a half already. And I wonder, when did he grow so big? Four years back, he was a bundle of nomm nomm cuteness on my lap! And now, he doesn’t like being hugged or kissed by me in public! Yeah, he is a little man now. I get that. Time flies fast, after all. Faster than light, perhaps?
  8. Recently, hubby and I had visited hubby’s maternal grandparents in Pune. The loving couple is an epitome of love and togetherness for us. The grand dad is quite a royal one, a 94 year old with the most compassionate eyes I have ever seen. Last year on an extended visit, he had spent a major part of his time, playing with my son. However, with age arrives a deluge of afflictions that have started showing evidently this year. With dementia setting in, he is unable to recognize people around, leave alone the names. This time, he couldn’t remember either hubby or me. But he was definitely delighted to see a toddler in the house. Somewhere deep within, it felt like losing a part of our lives that we had guarded and treasured so fondly and, had assumed was permanently safe with us. We had never realized that the gift of comfort and warmth exuded by a grandparent was drifting away slowly. That is when hubby comforted me saying, “Make every memory with the loved ones memorable because, old age spares none.” True that.
  9. Over thinking and over analyzing everything is a disease that is spreading far and fast. Sometimes, it is best to keep quiet when the urge to debate hits the roof. There was a time when I enjoyed debates and won them too. Nowadays, I shut myself out wherever there are signs of an emerging debate. These days, debates are like a maze. With innumerable entry points, there is no way out. And for someone who dreams of becoming a maze runner, insanity is the only consequence waiting to manifest, for him!
  10. Optimism is a beautiful sentiment. Some consider it foolish. Some consider it unreal. Some consider it their lifeline. I, for one consider it the link to the Omnipresence. After all the harrowing health issues I have faced, I strongly believe in God and, in his plans for all of us. Some of his plans make us happy. Some of them hurt us, real bad. But they all make us stronger and optimistic, with times. That said, becoming stronger is an outcome. But, imbibing optimism is a choice!

So, what be your choice, eh? 😉

Happy New Year 2016 to all, once again!

Source: Google Images

P.S: This is my first post/note for this year! *CLAPS*


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