Half past twelve thoughts!

  1.  Today was one of the rare days wherein I was in my Cruella Di Vil avatar. Of course, A just manages to bring out the blues in me. Somehow. For instance, to complete a 2 page work, he would give me a two dozen excuses to procrastinate and worse, manipulate me! By the time he completes the work (which he is more than capable of completing within minutes), it feels like dawn to dusk! And then, there are the eating woes. I am not sure how hubby does it (i.e make A eat his food)! While he is around, A is like the obedient son. Hubby does not even have to tell him to eat. A just eats with zero fretting, zero complaining, zero playing and zero wasting! But when it is just me, everything else happens and eating becomes zero! However, A absolutely understands why the angry mommy in me pops out. And yet, he does not step back from facing that avatar too! And you know what, I feel like smothering him with kisses and hugs right now! After all, he is my monkey and as my father remarks – See, he is made up of half your genes, you know! Yeah right! With grandparents around, you dare not question your child’s mischief, because you will get to hear – Oh! do You know how you were when you were his age? He is way better! And, I beam with joy silently within although I act annoyed. Someone has rightly said – After becoming a mother, you actually see your heart walking out on its own. Countless moments of clutching your chest follows when you are a mother. Because, there cannot be a greater bond than the divine mother-child bond. And there cannot be a greater joy on Earth than the smiles and the humour a child brings in a parent’s life. God bless you, my son! And, may you have a lot of success and joy in your life 😀 God bless 🙂
  2. Off late, I am beginning to lighten myself up. For instance, I am done with over thinking and zero speaking! I realized that, adhering too much by the norms of political correctness curbs your ability to think straight. What I have learnt is, a perfect balance is achieved only when you know where the tendency to be politically correct can fetch you more profits without sabotaging others’ interests.
  3. Sometimes, it feels absolutely normal to live in a messy home (because, A – my son seeks orderliness in chaos!) Also, it is quite ok to be dressed in comfortable home wear and not be bothered about what the world would think or judge about what I wear. In short, it feels good to be in one’s own skin with zero scrutiny! (Perks of staying at parents’ home *winks*)
  4. But then that said, I am missing hubby terribly. The past one year has been tough for us. With his erratic work schedules and a flurry of courses, we had to agree on a difficult arrangement of me staying back in my hometown for two reasons, One that we had not got our quarters then and Two, A had to complete his junior Kg at one place in the best possible manner. (because, he changed almost three schools in Nursery and, it was not very cool for a toddler to have such a spin of change that early) Anyways, hoping to join hubby in his station this year soon. God is listening, I believe!
  5. The Annual Function has been postponed by a week! Grrrrr! This is not cool! My tots have been practicing hard for the dance I have been teaching them. And considering that it was to get over next week, we had stopped teaching and had focused more on the practice. Well, one had thought – The sooner this gets over, the better! But hey, the incurable optimist in me pips – “See, two weeks from now for the big day. So enough time to practise! Hurray!”
  6. I have been watching Crime Patrol series for about two years. And, I find them to be very good. Why? In many ways, the series is educative and focuses on the importance of pro-activeness in the society – a quality that our world is severely lacking in. And recently, we had a few lawyers who were visiting our school and, conducted a seminar on the various laws that were in the process of shaping up to aid in the protection of women from harassment and abuse. The seminar was quite productive as many incidents that lead to landmark judgments were highlighted, such as the one – Vishaka I quite remembered this act as it was featured in one of the prime episodes of Crime Patrol last year. On a lighter note, I love the way Anup Soni speaks. His deliverance of incidents is flawless! Yup. I am an Anup Soni fan!
  7. And back in my ponderlust that pulls me into its waves, I wonder whatever happened to the mannerisms of today’s teenagers. Even while I was in college, I would wish my lecturers and professors a Good Morning or a Good Afternoon or a Good Evening. And, school life was all about discipline for me. These days however, there is some lacuna in the area of discipline. I wonder if the bond between a student and a teacher has been weakened by friendly gestures. (oh you know – teachers have to be friends and not tyrants!) In my days at school, we definitely talked with our teachers openly and yet, we maintained a distance. It wasn’t fear but respect. Nowadays, I feel that respect is diminishing. Sad but true.

Guess, my ramblings end here. And, I need to go and sleep now. Happy Uttrayan to all of you and let this year 2016 shine on all of us and make us good human beings. Better than we were.

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