These are the few of my favorite things….And then, I don’t feel so bad…….

Sometimes, the boredom gets to me. And when it does, I wonder why! Rather, I cannot exactly describe why. Maybe, it is just the monotony of life that makes me cringe, knowing the daily grind is just too familiar. Or maybe, I am just too tired of the rattling thoughts in the head about how, why and when about everything. Well, almost everything. And yet, everyone I meet in my everyday life convince me – Life is good yet. And that everyone includes not only my colleagues, my children, my parents, my son, my hubby and everyone that is family to me but also,

The misty mornings that have an air of freshness and positivity,

The golden rays of the Sun that pierce the morning air and, warm my skin,

The smiling faces of the few strangers I meet on my ride to school who just smile to acknowledge the presence of the other human being,

The chirping of the birds,

The gentle swaying of the tall eucalyptus and neem trees along the way,

The deeply intriguing congregations of the stray canines,

The temple bells ringing from far away with the holy chants soothing the ears,

The beautiful blooms in the gardens that smile upon me as I look at them,

The dew drops that I can almost taste on my lips,

The intoxicating smell of the tapri chai that transports me back to my college days when this tea was the elixir of every collegian’s life.

The smoky smell that comes from the burning of the logs somewhere,

The siren of the factory that rings aloud when some machines begin their daily grind,

And, the beauty of all that is simple and humble in the quaint little town I live in………..

Oh yes! These are the few of my favorite things…………….And, then I don’t feel so bad!

The song for the moment:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,

Brown paper packages tied up with strings…..

These are the few of my favorite things!






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