Source: Google Images

Sometimes, there is this feeling of having arrived at a point, where the reality of mirage hurts.

And, sometimes it is the very mirage that fuels the thirst to seek what you love.

Sometimes, you just wish for the time to fly fast and it doesn’t.

And, sometimes you wish for the time to slow down and, it defiantly speeds up with a smirk on its face.

Sometimes, you feel stuck because you wish for growth and, it doesn’t happen at your pace.

And yet sometimes, the growth happens inconspicuously.

Sometimes, you are surrounded by people who try every trick in the book to pull you down.

And, sometimes you also find that one in a million who realizes that you cannot be bogged down.

Sometimes, life and destiny play chaos in your life by throwing you in situations that are, in every sense – unfavorable.

And yet sometimes, you learn to survive the chaos as circumstances force you to act and not whine.

Sometimes, you feel the pressures of human vanity.

And yet, sometimes you seek your inner strength to survive the odds and stand out in the crowd.

Sometimes, you realize that life is unfair when the pressure points spike.

And in those terrifying times, you learn the ‘art of living’ the rumble strips of life.

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