Toddlers guided by technology – Does it make sense?



I have often observed around me, parents taking great pride in seeing their toddlers navigate through websites, games, apps and what not. As one of my colleague says, “Ma’am, there are so many learning apps for a child. Also, the child remains busy for a while”. The first part of her statement, I get it. But then, not the second part. Busy? really? I doubt. I am not convinced about this idea of introducing toddlers to technology at such a nascent stage. If you perhaps ask me the right age for a child to be introduced to technology, I would probably say – anytime after 12. Of course, we need to evolve with modern day parenting too! Right? And till then, I guess we as parents, should raise our children in a way that they are crazy for sports and academics (as in the real world studying with books around. Trash the ‘e’!)

So, all these thoughts made me pen down something for Sharing an excerpt here 🙂

“This has been long on my ‘have to blog about’ list. Somehow, I did not have the time or the energy to pen down the thoughts that have been bubbling effervescently in my head ever since I stumbled upon an online discussion on one of the forums on Facebook. The debate was about kids and technology – whether we should them to get too cozy with technology. And if yes, how much?


Leave your prints here :)

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