Wishful musings!

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Last year, this time I was huddled in temp quarters with hubby and son (as our permanent accommodation was still getting ready). Well, it was in ‘Work in progress’ state until Diwali last year. Also, hubby was mostly out of station for work and hence, we had made a collective decision that my son and I would be staying in my hometown with my adorable parents till we all came under one roof. It was a difficult decision for me and my son A. Even though we are used to moving places every now and then, we do have our moments of breakdown. Like, last year I was restless on having agreed on the decision we had taken after a lot of thought. But then, destiny always makes us act in a particular way. God’s design, one could say. You do not always get what you want, when you think you want. Apparently, you always get what you want exactly when you want. It has taken me a year to understand this statement. Also, my job as a teacher and a content writer has protected my sanity levels from collapsing. I would say, I have learned to enjoy life as it comes by taking one moment at a time. Having been insanely busy has helped me a lot. And, blogging has been the most therapeutic of all.

Talking of which, I remember having blogged about my home town, a couple of years back. And, there is something I love about it not just because it happens to be my home town but because, it is still untouched by the glimmer and shimmer of the city life despite the many multiplexes, malls, fine dining restaurants and many dupes of Bombay chowpatty , that have sprung up here, in the past few decades. These were something I never knew of in my growing years. And yet, there is something humble about small towns. I cannot exactly put my finger on any one particular reason that makes me fall for small towns instead of big cities. Perhaps, it is the people of small town. Perhaps, it is the simplicity exuded by small towns. Perhaps, it is both. Let’s say I would choose a small town over a city, any day!

Well, my nature is perhaps more suited to the environment of a small town, I guess. One, that I am severely claustrophobic. And, two that I am an introvert, for the uninitiated. The ones who have taken the pains to know me, can call me otherwise. And again, those are only a handful, which kind of explains my incapability of socializing instantly. Also, crowd scares me more than it amazes me. Even get-togethers and parties make me weary as, dressing up like a queen is the last thing on my agenda when, Plain Jane avatar is exactly what I want to be in, all the time! Which is why, I love small towns (my hometown being one!) I am most comfortable here. Let’s say I am truly myself here. I don’t have to masquerade like a person with a frozen smile all the time! My emotions are unchained here. Everyone around who have seen me grow up, know why I am the way I am. Least, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone here. To put it precisely, I feel understood.

I often tell hubby that, someday we should settle down in a small town where we are closer to nature than to people. It has to be a place, where the noise, unsolicited judgments and vehicles are less. A small cottage with a library, a jeep, a two wheeler, a nice porch with two rocking chairs, a beautiful vegetable garden, fruit bearing trees in the backyard, a dog perhaps and, a beautiful backdrop consisting of mountains, clouds, waterfalls and mist…………….I often wonder if such a place will even exist in future……..Sigh!

But then, fleeting thoughts are sometimes awesome. Aren’t they?

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