Parenting decoded.

How good does it feel to dish out advice to someone who has just become a new parent. I am not going to lie! I also have succumbed to the urge of dishing out advice to parents younger to me. The urge I gather, stems from the richness of experience that we as parents have experienced so far. However, my views on the subject have undergone a paradigm shift after I began teaching preschoolers. And now, I know why parenting can never have an instruction manual, as is assumed by many! To know why, read this excerpt from my post on Parentous.

Source: Google Images

“The other day, one of my colleagues mentioned how a teenage boy in their colony got extremely agitated and violent when denied a bike by his parents. The boy was predictably pampered. And his frustration grew out of bounds on one refusal! Thankfully, all the teachers from his school arrived in a van to counsel the teen and the distraught parents. The noise about their flawed parenting was louder than their whimpers of helplessness. My colleague felt incredibly sorry for the couple and how little she could do for them, as they were in a tight spot, impervious to the world. Another colleague made a harsh comment on the same discussion– ‘The boy must be thrown out and told that he is on his feet from now on. Who does he think he is!” Is it that easy? Most of the comments that came from all directions had acerbic undertones.


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