Unpredictable. The word is scary.


There is something terrifying about the unpredictability of life. Sometimes, it does just fine not wanting to know how the day is about to shape. And yet, sometimes there is a gloomy feeling that tags along in a day. Whatever the feeling dictates, there is a whisper from within that says – Just keep doing what you are doing. Ignore the noise around. Today was one such day for me. Despite having been irritated and annoyed with certain aspects of management, I was able to find comfort in the children I teach. But then, I still wasn’t feeling that great either after coming back home. Later, mother and I went out in the afternoon for some work. And, just as I stepped inside my home, I got a frantic call from my colleague – “Hey! U has met with an accident! She broke her leg, and completely…..U, one of my very dear friends had met with a freak accident. I was a bit shocked as I recalled that she left just after me, after school. I first assumed she met with an accident on the old highway. However, when I got to the hospital, I was told that she met with the accident right outside the school gate. It seems she just fell weirdly on her knee and, the strangely fierce impact led to complete disjoin of her knee from her fibula. It must have been excruciatingly painful for U and, I know she must have been terrified. Just a week back, my mother’s friend met with a similar accident at home. Mom’s friend had slipped quite weirdly and that slip broke her knee cap into three pieces. Thankfully and fortunately, post operation she is recuperating well.

As for my friend U, I was deeply disturbed seeing the bubbly active lady in that shape. She is an art and craft teacher at our school and, sports an amazing skill set in the world of art. She can create magic with waste and, I am one of the fortunate ones to have seen her work up close. Just met her before the operation and, she was busy joking around, despite the pain! I have never ever seen a more positive person than her. She is currently undergoing an operation. And, I pray with all my heart for her.

There is a reason I am writing about this episode. Something today jolted me out of my gloom. I realized that, so much of our life is so unpredictable. Each one of us goes through that terrible volatility in life. It is like a shadow that looms over us, reminding us every single time to mellow down while we are too happy and, buckle up when we feel too sad. Sometimes, there is the Nature’s way of telling a human – Balance yourself, child! And that, made me realize how vain I sound when I complain a tad too much about having stayed long, away from husband, given his work profile. Yes, I do have a reason to complain. I feel sad too. But then, it dawned on me that I need not go over the sadness every day by over thinking about my predicament. Like hubby reminds me time and again – “Everything happens for a reason that is too complex to be understood by us but, good enough to be placed in our lives by God. And then, when there are tough times, we just need to remember that – THIS TOO SHALL PASS!” This incident also led me to believe that sometimes, things happen in a way that shocks us and, numbs us. One cannot possibly pin point a reason for ‘the why’ part. Like when I asked U, how? She replies- “I don’t know! I just don’t know! My vehicle skid. I fell. But ironically, it was my body weight that came over my left knee and not the vehicle!” U sports a very lithe toned and a beautiful figure unlike the many in our group. For a second I thought she was joking. But a serious nod from her convinced me that she wasn’t. It was just a timing gone awry. But still, God has been kind. U’s husband who was about to leave for Hyd, was at the station. And then, there was an announcement that his train was running late by 40 minutes. So, he could race came instantly once he got the news. Had the train been on time, it would have been a difficult predicament for him.

After coming home, I pondered deeply over the tough times that storm into our lives. A hospital visit today reminded me of my own struggle against a medical condition three years back. Maybe, tough times are meant to make us stronger and strong willed. That said, I need to stop brooding over the many things over which I have little or no control. Apparently, I have a great deal to learn from people around. And, am glad I am meeting the right people from whom I am constantly learning about the person I need to be in lfe. U happens to be one such friend!

U – I wish you a speedy recovery…..God speed! 

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