Of stolen helmets, monkey thieves and long rides…..

Before you scour through my musings, I would like to add that, this post has been selected as a Tangy Tuesday pick by Blogadda! Thank you, Team BlogAdda 🙂 


Over the small window of my life that has been spent in moving and settling and then, moving again, I have understood that I am a late bloomer as far as socializing is concerned. It takes me time to understand a place, its people and, the weather too. And, slowly and gradually the change gets the better of me and, I start to gel with the surroundings. As far as people are concerned, I appear to be somewhat socially challenged. I just cannot get past the smiles and the wishes. Not that, I don’t like people. But, I somehow cannot bring myself to gel freely with people as many in our fraternity do. Sometimes, I wonder why? Well, that is how introverts are, I am told. Am I one? I am not quite sure. Am I not? Perhaps, not with all. And, midst the musings that make sure that my mind is a tornado all the time, I have been well acquainted with the monkeys that seem to have taken a liking for my home in our new station.

Of course, I have been warned of the monkey menace beforehand. And, when I heard people describing the monkeys’ antics, I sure thought it must have been exaggerated by all means. Earlier I lived in a place in the same city where, my peaceful coexistence with the langoors kind of made me develop a soft corner for them. For instance, langoors are not vindictive unless intimidated. Albeit their huge size and long lashing tails, they are not trouble makers. Like, there was this huge one who chose to sit on the bean bag regularly in the previous dwelling and, it still would not trouble me while I sat in the garden sipping my tea. It was like – You let me be. I let you be! Fair enough, it was for me! But never once did it tear up my bean bags or worse, throw it somewhere! But when it came to monkeys, I sure had a lot to learn!



Learning is a painful process and, I have learned that for sure! And the first lesson I was taught in the last week was, Monkeys are small in size and, mischief mongers of the highest order. With passing weeks, I also learned that they test the new occupants in any quarter. So, on this one particular day last week, I was busy unpacking my crockery stuff and, carefully placing them inside the side rack. Son and his friend were playing in the porch. Mom was in the kitchen and, she was cooking. Hubby was in the office. Dad was reading. It was all going peaceful for some time until, the clock struck eleven. It is the time I learned as important as, the monkeys arrived as a family. I immediately ushered the boys in and, saw the monkey gang round up my home. As I prepared to close the door, one of the monkeys got angry and, landed with great force on my two wheeler (an Activa) and, tore up the seat. If that was not enough, the other angry one banged on the door from outside. For the first time, I was scared and learned that this fear was real and necessary. Then, the boys mentioned how there was a fight among the monkeys for some food they picked from somewhere and, the two angry ones vented out the anger on my Activa seat and the door! Oh well, I thought, that was all! Phew!!

So, I switched on the TV and let the boys watch their cartoons. And, I was back to my crockery business. Mom was in the kitchen, cooking. Maid was cleaning. Dad was reading. There was a lot of commotion because of the boys and hence, I was focusing all my energies on the one thing I was doing. And then, I heard a door creak! Assuming this to be boys’ doing, I screamed without even looking up – Hey! Don’t you open the door! There are monkeys outside! And, a small hand creeps next to me and, scoops the huge bunch of bananas that was kept on the top of the side rack! So, I looked up and what do I see? A young monkey was sitting on the dining chair. Our eyes met. That instant, I was too famished and tired to react or scream! Mom ran behind the monkey. The young one in its flight to freedom, dropped a banana and left! I later thanked the monkey for the one banana it left for all of us! Wasn’t that gracious enough of a monkey to leave a banana behind?

Apparently, they also broke our tubelight and, pooped on our porch. Intermittently, they look through the window and, take a peek through the curtains! And, while all of this was happening, my four and a half year old son who is totally in awe of monkeys quips – “Mom! We should give them food everyday!”  The number of gray strands on my head are directly proportional to my son’s questions!!

But then, this was not the only dent on my sanity that day! Took mother to the market in the later part of the day. Placed her helmet in the dickey space and, went with her to buy vegetables! What I indeed forgot, was to lock my helmet. Or, Atleast I should have carried it with me! And as my luck would have it, the small shop was crowded and, it almost took us an hour to get the veggie shopping done over with! So, when we returned, what do I find? That, the device that was supposed to protect my gray matter has gone missing! Monkeys or humans, I could spot none! But, the eventful day had to end! I late thought, things could have been far worse. Given my absent mindedness, what if I had forgotten to take the keys along? And so, I ended up as a house cat for the next couple of days.

So, yesterday I was pulled out of this prolonged ennui by hubby who took me out for a late night ride! We spotted some hares and wild hogs! The cool breeze and the cozy ride untangled my knotted headspace and, I am quite getting back to normal. Adapting would be the word. An eventful week, a goofy that is me and, a lot of stories to share……yes, blogging is cathartic!

Tomorrow is a day with a lot of work. So, I better sign off for now!

For all those who enjoy my mind(full)less musings, stay tuned for more 😛

P.S: The above image is taken from Google. I definitely couldn’t risk clicking a monkey with a camera in hand!


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