Those aren’t stretch marks! Those are battle scars!

Stretch marks are every mother’s obvious issue. I have them too! And somehow, they have bothered everyone but me. So, you get an idea about how thick skinned I can be, right? Jokes apart, this post is not about how to get rid of them. Because, I did not! Hubby still frowns as he looks at the unused stretchnils he got me while I was preggers. He still softly admonishes me for not having used them at the right time. Well, my hands were full then. And, like for every mother, child comes first at all times. I was no exception. But there is something more I have wanted to share on this blog since long. Apparently, it has taken me four years and three months to pen down about why I went for a C-Section and not for a normal. And, while I was contemplating on whether or not to write about this in my blog, WOM (World of Moms) approached me to write something on similar lines.

csec scars


So, sharing the excerpt here:

“Countless articles and blogs have flooded the Internet, in support of the ensuing struggles a woman who has undergone c-sec, faces. I know them well for I too underwent a C-sec. But believe me, that was not what I wanted.

A change in place, doctors and a lot of unforeseen medical complications led me to take the call for a C-sec. The decision wasn’t easy but, given the fact that hubby was in an unreachable zone (Yes, Yours truly is a faujan). Besides, the loop around my son’s neck was an alarm as his movements inside were crazy and, the continual leaking of my amniotic fluid were just the tip of the iceberg of the many terrible worries that clouded my head space. Also, a woman who was admitted a day prior, in the next room lost her baby for similar reasons. That was indeed a delicate time for me and, no matter how badly I wanted to go for a normal delivery, C-sec happened.

I had decided to place my trust in the third doctor who had examined me since, and her judgment of my condition convinced me to take the call. After all for every mother, the child’s well being comes first. I was no exception. And, the manner in which my fluid was leaking left little chance for a normal delivery and, I opted for the surgery. Yes, I was prepared to go under the knife for my child’s sake on 22nd June’ 2011. But, what I wasn’t prepared for, were the repercussions the surgery had on me later………….”

To read the complete article, click here.



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