Musings of a feisty home maker…

..begins with the ‘housekeeping woes’!


Sometimes I am encompassed by a wave of lethargy so high that, I find it ridiculously difficult to come out of my comfort zone – the couch! Ouch! Yeah, I amaze hubby with my split personalities. One day, I would be the G-girl on a broom (you are more likely to find me with the broom) and on another day, I might just transform into a 5 foot version of Garfield! But all of that does not camouflage the fact about how I am totally de-motivated towards partaking any role in housekeeping business. I know, I cannot escape it. But, I do have every right to dislike it. For instance the two chores that scare the living daylights out of me are, folding clothes and stacking them in the cupboard and, the second is – washing utensils. I, for the world cannot figure out from where people find the verve to fold clothes. For some reason, it is a never ending job. That said, I love to dust now and then, mop the floors and even hang out the washed clothes to dry. But, folding dried clothes and washing utensils is something I have always been averse to! I remember the time when I was working and, living with flatmates. And, no sooner than I uttered the words – “Yours truly does not cook!”, the errand of washing utensils fell into my lap! And that, precisely became my motivation to learn cooking, which I did! People who have had the food that I make would vouch for the fact! (And, people….you are welcome to come and have food at my humble abode. I do cook a variety of cuisines now) So, before I digress into a deluge of self praise (I believe it is important every now and then), let me bring myself back to my current situation. No matter what, the clothes and the utensils just keep piling up. And, if the pain of seeing the undone work is not enough, the maids in our station are extortionists! So, currently I am the maid, the lady, the dhobi, the dish washer and the ‘multi faceted’ home maker of my kingdom. And, I missed ‘the woman who also irons and folds the clothes with a frown’. I AM THE JEANIE OF MY HOME!

There is nothing like window shopping. It don’t exist for me!

Hubby is away on work. Thankfully, my parents are staying with me for the period. And, I feel blessed. Yet, with the soul mate slogging away in some remote location, the mind wanders into the labyrinth of loneliness more often than not. For the past three weeks I have been promising to take my mum to BB (Big Bazaar). Yes, it is her favorite. She gets a good rebate on whatever she buys as she is a loyal customer! And, finally after dodging her persistent question on – “When are we going to BB?” the motivation to take the call happened today. Yes, we went to BB. Finally. I stay in a city that is far from the look of a metro and a little bit upgraded version of a small town. So, BB is definitely a big deal. Although I had not gone there with any motive to shop (Remember, I am a rehabilitated shopaholic?), the air inside the store started engulfing me and, all I could hear around was – Shrishti….Shrishti….Shrishti….. For the uninitiated, I am a die hard fan of Shrishti brand Kurtis….I love the softness of the tunic, the fresh pastel colors and the comfort that comes from wearing them. Fab India was my ‘Once upon a time….’ choice. I was a die hard Fab India fan then. However, when hubby got me a couple of kurtis from Rajasthan with the same texture and feel of Fab India at less than half the price, I decided to stop feeding Fab India people. And then, Shrishti happened! So, today all the vows the Rebecca Bloomwood in me took about NO SHOPPING, flew out of the window. I picked up three kurtis in various shades of blue and white. Usually, I am drawn towards the fiery red and the mystic black. But the soaring temperatures outside drew me more towards the serene white with tulip blue patterns. So, it was going to be shades of blue on the tranquil white! We shopped for a few more groceries. Visited the tailor – Masterji (He is known as) for stitching a few blouses for casual occasions and, some presentable suits. And after picking up milk, lassi and other confectionery items, headed back home. It was indeed a long day. 4 hours out in the Sun, shopping was a welcome change after having got bored with my simian friends outside. (If you were wondering who they are, you must drag your finger tip here and read about my spiritual connection with our ancestors!)

Happiness lies in shopping just as proof lies in the pudding!

Over all, a good day! Hope better days follow. Yes, by better I know that the Sun is going to shine brighter and, is going to go overboard in showering warmth that shall first toast us, pressure cook us, braise us and bake us and finally, make us appear as char grilled prawns to be served on a plate! Oh! I have been talking in the gourmet language. This is what happens when you are addicted to all food shows on TLC, Colors Infinity and Star World. That said, I have started watching Game of Thrones after it was trolled with countless memes on the Internet. It so happens that I am still in the process of collating the number of power hungry men for the throne that carries the thorns! Well, well, a civilian must have lived a life of bliss in those days. Isn’t it? The good news for a MasterChef Aus fan like me, it is coming soon……………………………………………………………………………………( can’t wait to see George, Matt and Gary again!)

And now, let me share with you some of the beautiful kurtis I picked for myself. Whether or not, they look lovely to you, I am going to wear them till I tear them 😀




Leave your prints here :)

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