Lessons on Freedom ~ Parenting manual

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mother and son

Dad: “You have to let him go in the bus.”

Me: “He is not even 5 years old! Sending him all by himself in the bus? I am not sure!”

Dad: “If you are going to put on that impermeable cloak of fortification in parenting every single time…you will end up hampering his ability to understand his own way of discovering his real self! He is not a baby, after all!”

Hubby: “Dad is right! Let him learn the art of rumbling and tumbling on his own!”

Mother: “Believe me! He is going to enjoy his first step into the world out of his cocoon!”

As the three pairs of eyes gave me intense looks, the fourth pair of eyes joined in as they looked up to me in sheer excitement. My son, Arjun grins as he asks me, “Mom! Am I going to school in that big Army bus? Wow!”

I sighed as I looked up at three pairs of eyes giving me that look – “Come on!” And I sighed as I said aloud – “Let’s do it!” After all, why would I not give in to that sweet voice of my munchkin who hides every mischievous trick up his sleeve?


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