Patience and Time…..The ageless warriors!


There is some truth to the statement – Learning is a painful process. Like learning to turn over for a baby, for the first time is a big deal for the baby. I vividly remember my son Arjun relentlessly pursuing the challenge of turning over when he was three months old. He would first lift his left leg up in the air and, try to turn over by aligning the leg at a right angle to his right leg. His tiny face would be a commotion of emotions and, my heart would bleed seeing his eyes shut and his lips quivering. If I made the move to help, I was stopped by mum who would say – “What do you want to raise? A caterpillar or, a butterfly?” And, I stopped by placing a huge boulder of resistance on my bleeding heart. Seeing him try relentlessly would swell my heart with pride and anxiety at the same time for the amount of struggle, his little body was experiencing in the process. He would sometimes sleep half way as if, taking the power nap before the next round of battle. A couple of weeks later, he turned over and, there was a gleam in his tired eyes, as he slept a whole day on his tummy. It was a mere observation then. And now, I realize the acuity of this statement that has become my pet preach – “Learning is always a painful process” (Courtesy: Movie – Lucy)


Every step that we take in this big wide world is either meant to pave a smooth road or, a tumultuous slope or us. We pray for a smooth road and, we sometimes get the uphill one! We pray for a decent road and, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised with a bump free one! And then, lift those hopes a little higher, destiny throws curve balls made of mountains! And yet, that doesn’t quite stop the self from hoping for a road that can be traveled with sun shines and memories. It quite dawns after the wishful thinking that, there is a painful lesson hidden within the chasms of hope, too.


Patience – An astute aspect of human life that cannot be corrupted, ever! It just gives you one option and that, is to hope for better times. Even a baby that wants to turn over for the first time goes through a cycle of hits and misses. Patience, is what the baby learns the first in its world of struggles even as a turning over appears so simple to an adult’s eye. And, then follows the only entity that could clear the conundrum of all the misguided anger and confusion – Time.

Patience kneads you. Time heals you. Destiny bumps you in the head. And then, Time again heals you. Time after all, teaches you painfully to accept life as it comes.

Indeed, learning is a painful process. Until then, let’s follow the life lessons –



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