My Mini human and I ~ Tales from Motherhood

There is a saying in Tamizh – Tan kayiye tannaku udavi! Meaning – You are the best person to help yourself. Given that hubby is out for work, the task of washing the car fell on the soft supple shoulders of yours truly! In fact, the look of the car had not caught my attention until one of the drivers around casually commented – “Memsaab, aapko gaadi pe cover chada dena chaiye!” And then, the neighbor rubbed the salt on the wound – “You need to do something about the car.” It was as though I was receiving telepathic waves of caution from hubby dearest who had entrusted his beloved four wheeler in the care of a chess addicted compulsive blogger wifey darling!


And, I turned around and looked at our silver dust colored Ford Figo! For a second there, I almost believed that the colour was grey! I instantly called up hubby about a quick run through on the simple car washing instructions. After a barrage of advice on how cleaning the car is as important as driving it, he shared the quick guide to car cleaning.

No soap for the time being.

No cloth to be used.

Splash water from the bucket with force (No pipes as water had to be saved).

Use newspapers to wipe the glass clean.

That should be good for you to go!

And, I began my work. While I had just splashed the first mug of water, I heard a small splash beside me. Arjun, my preschooler son was standing right next to me, with his small mug and with a mischievous grin that shone through his eyes. It was as though he had been waiting for this moment. I happily allowed him to do his bit. And, I wondered how much he drives me insane with his antics through the day.

For instance, sample the conversation below:

Me (after his school): How was your day?

Arjun: Look there, it is a gypsy!

Me: Yeah, I see that. Nice! So, what did you do in school today?

Arjun: Please don’t give me so many bread slices. I couldn’t finish my tiffin!

Me: Hmm…..ok……

————–A momentary pause—————

Arjun: Good!

Me: What??

Arjun: I said my day was good!

So, you get the drift! It is comical and magical at the same time, how as a mother, I have become not just his mentor, but his friend too. For instance, when he plays with his toy cars, he gives me the smallest one and asks me to race it with his. Mind well, I am not supposed to win! Right! How can I?  These are the moments that swoon me over and, all my irritation disappears in a jiffy. However, that balance doesn’t last for long! The next moment, he would be his usual self turning the home upside down! Then, days like today happen. I was super proud of him as, our partnership in the car cleaning project worked great. I was just beginning to revel in the happiness and almost,  pinched myself hard for having being harsh towards him lately for not doing his work properly and, for the ruckus he triggers at home. Well, my son caught my sense of pride! So, he looked at me, slid back through the door and emptied the bucket of water in the hallway, wet his shoes, washed them and, left everything wet and scattered. Sigh!

A part of me fails to understand how ladies manage to keep their homes so spic and span with two kids. And I with one, struggle to keep my sanity levels from collapsing when it comes to maintaining a flawless housekeeping schedule. Hubby frowns when the order of the home is disturbed whereas, I have come to believe that homes with children are not meant to be museums! Anyways, this perspective totally deserves a separate post!

And after a long day, my son sleeps soundly. Perhaps, he is dreaming about how the great goatherd king Krishna defeated Agasura and how, Hanuman put Lanka on fire! I look at his fingers that are curled into a paw. All that mischief, all that getting clothes dirty, all that jumping on the bean bags until the beans pop out, all that spraying of water all around in the bathroom, all that playing around with the cutlery, all that cluttering of folded clothes and much more, becomes trivial when I plant a kiss on his forehead only to be answered by a ‘mmmm’ with a hug.

If I have ever come close to feeling God’s marvelous creation of the human mind, I can recount countless instances when I have felt in the constant questionnaire my son throws at me. Like –

“Why wild animals need to hunt down deers and beavers? “

“Why snakes like Cobras eat their own kind?” (Courtesy – NatGeo)

“What do ants eat?”

” Why do people get old?” (This question popped up when my mum was explaining to him that she and granddad have grey hair because they are getting old.

“Why is the moon white in colour?”….et al………..

Innocence of a child and his questions indeed bring you closest to God’s presence.

As for the housekeeping thing, I need to chill out, keep the housekeeping business aside and enjoy the questionnaire while it lasts. After all, my sonny boy is growing fast. Can’t miss out on the fun, right?


“Dear son, wishing you all the happiness and success in life. May you get the best teachers, good and trustworthy friends and, mentors who shall teach you to lead! Mum and Dad love you to the moon and back! Stay blessed always, son! 🙂


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