I Like Magic.

If I had pledged my love for sharing my thoughts on this blog more often, I have also mentioned somewhere in there about how annoying a writer’s block can be.

Wikipedia says – Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.”

Apparently, I have been plagued by it  for a long while. And, I wonder if it is the darned brain that gets dizzy after a few bouts of travelling or, is it the rogue procrastination virus that is spreading fast into my grey cells and is busy weeding out every seed of productive work that is wanting to sprout? Whatever be the reason, here I am trying to put my indolent neurons and fingers into action as, a million thoughts are constantly buzzing in my head.


These days, I am constantly drowned in thoughts about magic. Of course, I watched Cinder-ella last night! How the pumpkin burst into a shining balls of golden sparkles and became a carriage, how the four mice became the beautiful white stallions, how two lizards became the footmen and, how Mr.Goose was transformed into the coachman! Not to mention, the beautiful sparkling blue gown and the exquisite glass sandals…….Oh, how I love magic! I always loved the tales of the white fairies who helped the ones with courage and kindness. It is like some corners of my memory have begun to unlock and, I remember some of my day dreaming episodes vividly. Yes, I love to dream. Especially when I fall asleep, I probably fall to sleep with the intention of falling in a magical dream where a swish of a magic wand……, a kind white fairy…..and the gazillion vibrant sparkles emanating from her everywhere……Well…..there is a part of me that is untouched by Science….and it believes with all the will in the world that, angels, fairies and white witches exist!

And then, every day begins with the end of a dream of that kind….a start of the same old routine……


Well, I always thought I loved mornings…..and now, I have begun to realize that I love the nights more….the sparkles of the million stars….the amorous glow of the planets like Venus and Mercury that are visible to the naked eye…..and the beautiful constellations that I believe are angels watching over us…..and the chaste Moon that brings peace to the intimidating thoughts…..and all of them seem magic to me and, they seem to say – “Hey….a day has got over…..And you have got this far! So, you will go far….and we will ride with you through this roller coster journey!”  

Sometimes, Nature gives you what humans cannot. And that is, Magic. I believe in Magic. I believe In the good things that are happening in this big bad world. I believe in change. And above all, I believe in the good that lies within each one of us.

Now, before I began writing this post, I thought I was never going to get beyond a couple of lines. And, here I am. Magic after all, is the word. Isn’t it?

Do you believe in magic?



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