Kaaka Muttai ~ Movie review

This review comes very very late. But then, better late than never. And, I have watched the movie two times and, I won’t mind watching it again!


I have been wanting to write about this movie and perhaps, the moment has just arrived. The movie isn’t new anymore and yet, reviewing it would still feel like smelling and savoring a freshly baked loaf that has been served hot and crisp from the oven! I watched this movie a month back. Which movie, you may ask?

“Oru muttai ennaku…..Oru muttai unnaku…..Oru muttai kakai ki…..”

(One egg for me…..One egg for you……One egg for the crow…..”


I cannot wait to begin raving about this wonderful Tamil movie – Kaaka muttai! (Meaning : Crow’s eggs)

What a movie! And, what a cast! And, what a splendid direction! I watched this movie with my son and, it was a revelation to both of us at many levels. The journey of two siblings in the slums of Chennai that begins with binging on crow eggs to meeting the one goal of their lives – to taste the scrumptious cheesy hot pizza at the newly opened Pizza stop (that was inaugurated by Simbu) is shot with such finesse. Even though the movie centers around the boys’ persistence in getting that one slice of Pizza, it also touches the many inconspicuously malignant levels of an impudent society. It is like watching a blueprint of stark heart wrenching realities like poverty, political cronies, theft, child labor, hunger, alcoholism and, the big bad divide between the rich and the poor. The fact that, despite NOT having the money to eat enough, clothes to wear decently or, an opportunity to study, the two boys NEVER resorted to acts of felony to earn that extra money, totally overwhelmed me. The unconditional love of a mother for her sons, the profound affection of a grandmother for her grandsons, the timely act of kindness by a stranger turned friend – Pazharasam, the unlikely friendship with a boy from the upper class neighborhood and, their sad faces when they see the big tree with the crow’s nest cut down for the new Pizza outlet to be opened, are some of the poignant highlights in the movie. By the way, I couldn’t believe that the landlord was played by Babu Anthony. In my school days, I had a deep crush on this tall actor who played the antagonist in the 1987 movie – Poovizhi Vasalile  {It was originally made in Malayalam and then, was later remade in Hindi as Hatya) Well, I digress by habit! OUCH!

Anyways, I would not narrate the story here, as this movie is at its best if watched, rather than deriving the plot from a review. Every scene is splendidly shot as it rhythmically connects the dots on the big white board of the predictably unpredictable destiny. The music is amazing too. I loved the song – Sel Sel  🙂 I have shared the video below 😀

And FYI, this movie was remade as Half Ticket in Marathi.

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